Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Red Flag The Ad

As many of you know, legal professionals all over the country are
suffering during these economic times. In Richmond, many who have
relied on contract and temporary assignments are being taken advantage
of as concerns wages and over-time. Moreover, we have all witnessed
the diminishing amount of respect being accorded to our peers who have
worked very hard to become attorneys and paralegals. Last minute
cancellations, misrepresentations and a general lack of regard have
become the norm.

That said, please help protect what is left of our integrity by NOT
responding to craigslist posts that do not identify the hiring agency.
The anonymity that craigslist provides, allows the agencies to gather
resumes and then undercut your pay as they fight amongst each other
for the few assignments available in the Richmond market. This results
in lower wages, greater turn over and less respect for our profession
as a whole.

You have worked hard to become a legal professional. Don’t send your
resume to a faceless email address. It hurts all of us (attorneys,
paralegals and even the agencies) in the long run. Please join me in
flagging posts that do not identify the agency or law firm in

-Saint Peter


Anonymous said...

Hudson Legal is currently staffing the following position:

Start date: Must be able to begin today at 3:30 pm

Rate: $35/hr + OT

Duration: 3-4 days

Hours: Heavy hours, including 12 hour days

Location: Midtown, Manhattan
ROFL! 3-4 days. You will never reach overtime suckers!

Requirements: Attorneys with prior document review experience

If interested, please email your most current resume to LEGALJOBS@HUDSON.COM immediately.

Anonymous said...

You should NOT send your resume to a faceless e-mail also because you do NOT know who is gathering this info. I believe even Craigslist has been putting out some warnings. With all the scammers out there you have no idea what is going on. Even if I put one ad for a furniture sale I get 20 e-mails from scammers wanting my address and to come over. Be careful, be very careful.

Anonymous said...

Just keep flagging it. The agencies are ALWAYS on a fishing expedition to undercut rates especially if they currently don't have any work.

Anonymous said...

Right, Hudson.

I am going to work until 10 pm and have to treck home in the middle of a blizzard, just so I can make what I would have made under unemployment.

Anonymous said...

And knowing Hudson, dude, you might be cut just because someone did not like the pants you wore.

Anonymous said...

You're pissing in the wind. So many people are desperate that they'll submit their resume anyway. If you have no job, something is better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

11:35 That is exactly the problem. I did that too unless I started getting weird e-mails, calls and letters. Someone is collecting information on people for marketing or scams or whatever.

Anonymous said...

dental plan lisa needs braces.

Anonymous said...

Hudson likes the overweight ghetto freaks. Normal need not apply.

Anonymous said...

Allan Cohen and Brett Parker are good guys.

Anonymous said...

Flag all Dine ads from here on out after that $25 an hour insult they just staffed.

Anonymous said...

At least the Hudson ad is for $35 + OT. I know Hudson has been staffing other stuff for $33 or as low as $27 with no OT. And as someone mentioned Dine recently staffed something for $25. If people want the rates to come back up they need to stop accepting these low paying jobs!

Anonymous said...

Hudson sucks!

Allan Cohen is an ass!

Anonymous said...

Aside from the obvious agencies fishing for more resumes, Law Crossing and Law Firm Connect and those other scammers also collect info this way. Watch out.

The Yuppie Attorney said...

It's an old tactic. It in no way helps those on the servant end of the equation. It's a come-on ad.

The headhunters collect resumes to see how many they can get in for $x rate. The headhunters gauge the strength of the market and construct their bids for projects based on it. It doesn't help being the highest or lowest bidding vendor.

Frankly, though they do it all the time; they hate to be called on it. Personally, I think it is unethical. Don't respond or do respond with a high rate. F*ck with them a little.

Nando said...

Law is an industry, not a profession. A profession that gave a damn about its practitioners and students WOULD NOT allow U.S. companies/law firms to send legal work to foreign counterparts, i.e. attorneys and non-attorneys. See ABA "Ethics" Opinion 08-451.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Seinfeld

Martha Stewart


town hall meetings.

Anonymous said...

New salary floor for the Boston area market:


$25k for an "aggressive" collections associate. Maybe the most odious listing I have ever seen. We are literally in retail store wages now.

Anonymous said...

For the dude who keeps carping about "evil" WASPs and Jews controlling the legal industry and outsourcing work, what about ol' Dave Perla -- isn't he Hispanic?

Or is his real name Isaac Fishman, and "Perla" is just a name he took on to throw everyone off?

OTOH, maybe he's Sephardic...

Anonymous said...

There is a new gutter hiring practice by shitlaw firms, the bottom of the barrell "per diem" attorney. From today's NYC Craig's List,

Per Diem Attorney - Criminal and PI

Date: 2010-02-09, 12:42PM EST
Reply to: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Errors when replying to ads?]

Our firm has several positions open for per diem attorneys with experience in the following areas:

(1) Personal Injury - complete representation (initial contact through trial) $15/per hour

(2) Criminal Defense- court appearances, motions, trials $15/per hour

Anonymous said...

Last week the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the latest employment report. The legal sector lost 1,100 jobs in January, a slight decrease from previous months. 2,100 jobs were lost in December, 2,900 jobs were lost in November and 5,800 jobs were lost in October. Between January 2009 and January 2010 the legal services industry has cut 44,700 jobs.

Two big law firms announced more lay offs in January and February. Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati laid off 20 staffers and Howrey will cut 94 jobs, including 29 associate positions. Yet lay offs were 88% lower in January 2010 than they were a year ago.

One reason for the decline in lay offs could be that many deferred first year associates reported to work in January and this offset layoffs elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Also watch out for named agencies which may not be real. I recently responded to a Craiglist ad without checking, then learned by Internet search, and by checking the email address on Whois, that the agency did not exist and the email had only been set up a few days earlier.

I consider this unethical and not something an attorney should be involved in doing.

Anonymous said...


Great, law is now a blue collar job!!! Don't forget your lunch buckets, people!!

Anonymous said...

a blue collar job without health insurance, retirement or apprenticeship.

Anonymous said...


But, for most people, including some very white collar debt!

Cost-benefit analysis, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Work off the books, collect Medicaid and food stamps.

Anonymous said...

Newly-graduated lawyers should now petition the courts change their unwritten rules, to allow us to wear plaid flannel shirts, jeans and $40 work boots before the bench, instead of expensive suits, silk ties and $350 shoes.

I mean, if we're gonna be blue collar, we may as well look the part!

Anonymous said...

Who is it that is challenging the eliteness of my good friend Martha? Don't you know she and I get together on a weekly basis to decide where to outsource your jobs to? We are the masters of your domain. Don't forget it.

Oh, and please don't forget to watch my new show on NBC, the Marriage Ref. It'll start after the snowlympics.

Enjoy snowmageddon numero dos.

Thanks guys.

Very truly yours,
Jerry Seinfeld, Elite

Retard Temp And Me said...

Can't we all just get along?

One profession under God.

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE should respond to these nameless ads with a FAKE e-mail address, a really nice cover letter with fake name of course and attached "resume " - which when opened reads "FUCK YOU SCAMMER".

Or just send all fake info and let them waste time calling up people that don't exist.

Anonymous said...

Where is everyone???? Whatzzzz going on????
Does everyone have the SWINE FLU???
Is everyone at TOWNHALL MEETINGS???
Is everyone printing money at the FED???
Is everyone preparing for Snowmaggedon???
Whatzzz going on???? Am I the only one sitting in my underwear crying???? Whatzzz going on?????

Anonymous said...

Ready for a career change but dread getting another desk job? Then how about trying your hand at, well, working with your hands?

"There is a blue collar renaissance going on right now," says Joe Lamacchia, author of "Blue Collar and Proud of It: The All-in-One-Resource for Finding Freedom, Financial Success, and Security Outside of the Cubicle."

"These are necessary jobs, and they're not going to go anywhere. Our nation's infrastructure is crumbling. We want to turn this country green, and we don't have enough workers to do it. There's a lot of opportunity here."

Following is a list of blue collar jobs experts say are most in demand this year, and their median annual salary according to online salary database PayScale.com. Training for many of these positions includes a paid on-the-job apprenticeship, and the work can be physically rigorous. None of these jobs require education beyond a two-year associate's degree.

Plumber, pipefitter, or steamfitter
"With all the alternative energy sources that people are coming up with -- like solar heating, geothermal heat, and biofuel -- there's a big need for these workers," says Laurence Shatkin, co-author of "300 Best Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree." According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), these occupations are among the highest paid in the construction industry. Most of these workers receive their training in a technical school or community college, in addition to a four- or five-year apprenticeship, the BLS reports. In most states and municipalities, plumbers need to obtain a license. Median annual salary: $49,773.

Elevator installer/repairer
This is one of the best-paid blue-collar positions, Shatkin says. What's more, he says, it's incredibly recession-proof, as most of the work entails maintenance or repair. According to the BLS, most elevator technicians start their career in a four-year apprenticeship program and belong to a union. In addition, city and state licensing is often required. Median annual salary: $49,036

Anonymous said...

Are there any jobs shoveling pig shit on a hog farm?

Anonymous said...

Daaaaaavid? Perla?.....Hmmmm.... Did you see his photo? Hmmmmmm...If this were the Howard Stern show and his guess who's the jew contest......I would guess Perla......Perhaps Argentinian Jew.

Even if he were to be purely something other than jewish (which I doubt heavily)....Who is it that run the firms that use Perla's services the most? Goes right back to the truth...hmmmm... Are those firms mostly run by guidos? No, no, no....Nigerians? Me don't think so. Tyrone from the hood? Paddy O'Mick from Baaaaston? Doubt it. You should really observe the world around you before you come off with your mamby pamby PC B.S. Get real. See things for what they are. David.....Perla? Hmmm....

Proud Jew said...

Ever since our ancestors came to this country, we have valued education and advancement and that is why we are where we are. We take care of our own and we do so because we have never been able top count on anyone else. Don't you wish your dumb shit guido, mick, and other assorted mud people forbearers had done the same?

Anonymous said...

The above poster makes the point that many here already know.

To those who run lawland, most of you are nothing but "mud people" in spite of the fact that you went through 3 to 4 years of law school so called 'education' and in spite of the fact that you only did so in a futile effort towards advancement. A big difference between those of you who don't run lawland and those who do is that you don't "take care of your own" as effectively, if at all.

Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Much of what John Bungsophalus says is true. Jews and high-end WASPs control the legal industry, as well as most others. However, once you go down this route, the detractors will easily discredit you. Even though you are stating the obvious.

The real enemy is not N'dai the Nigerian doc reviewer, Apu in New Dehli who is taking advantage of an oppurtinity presented to him by greedy U.S. firms, or even the ghetto managers who run the basements.

It is people who run these corporations. They did not form themselves. And most of those vile swine are Jews and WASPs. Unfortunately, my fried, we do not live in a world where truth and honesty are rewarded. If one says one negative thing about Jews or the state of Israel, one is usually mercilessly hounded, condemned, attacked, exiled, and discredited.

But you already know how the game works. Don't encourage all of us to do the same as you, John. Many of us have children, and would like to be able to feed them.

Thus, you see many attack the industry without pointing out exactly who created or sustained the sick system. My best.

Also, yes Jews did strive for education and stick close together because no one wanted to hire them or let them in the unions or trades. However, the reason for this is because by that point Jews had already shown that they could not be trusted. They also showed that they did not want to work with their hands, but sought for control in the sales and merchant industries.

They could have "blended in" just as "easily" as Guido and Seamus O'Malley did. We are not talking about Darnell from Detroit or Ganjhi from Bangalore, here.

Stupid Sexy Flanders said...

Look, if it is true that the "elites" are only Martha Stewarts and Jerry Seinfelds, then there is no need to even mention that. Because all you have to say is the word "Elite" without using any racial modifiers.

If it is not true and there are actually elites from other races, then you are specifically singling out two individual races and giving them more grief than others.

Either way, it is unnecessary to mention the two races. It is a complete distraction and does in fact seriously harm your credibility.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of educated Jewish and WASP temps out there. I am one.

Anonymous said...

I do not find Jewish or WASP men attractive. Too many issues about their mother - they are too femme for me.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone even get on this Hudson job? I heard they called a ton of people at 10:00 at night, told them they were on the project, and then by the next morning/early afternoon said they didn't need so many people and not to report.

Anonymous said...

fuck hudson. every project i've worked for them, lasts half the amount of time they quote (and you find its only going to be half the time the first day when you report for the project). they straight out lie to get bodies on the project.

Anonymous said...

8:41 you are my hero. Let's rick roll some recruiters!

M. Simon said...

The market is trying to find a bottom.

Here is the end of it:
How much will you pay us for the job?

Warnings etc. are useless when there are people hungrier than you looking for another line on the resume or continuity for same.

Bitter yet Hopeful said...

I currently volunteer at a public interest firm in return for parking validation. I find solace in the fact that I help the indigent, but I will soon become an indigent myself if I don't find better compensation. Does anyone know if the following exists:

A company that I can pay to search for and secure a legal job for me.

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