Sunday, September 12, 2010

Election Volunteers

TTT, I'm wondering if you'd be interested in posting this volunteer opportunity for Tuesday. Part of the reason we still have white collar sweatshops in NY is because of corruption in Democratic primaries in NYC. If we have legal monitors this coming Tuesday, it can mean a difference of thousands of votes, which is basically an election.

Volunteer for Election Protection: Be a Legal Monitor on Sept. 14

What: Attorneys and law students are needed to be legal monitors at poll sites to protect voters rights on a crucial election day in New York City. In most past elections, there have been significant complaints about problems at the polls in certain areas, problems that have led to voters being disenfranchised.

Where: In the Bronx and other areas throughout New York City.

When: On Tuesday Sept. 14th, lawyers are needed all day from the opening of the polls at 6am to the closing at 9pm.

Who: We are in need of licensed attorneys (in NY and other jurisdictions, including international) and law students. You will not be working on behalf of any candidate; you will be working to ensure that the system operates in a manner that is fair to all candidates.

Why: To protect the rights of voters. To gain training in election law. To meet key people involved in election protection and grassroots activism in New York City. To ensure the system works as it should and that people are not unfairly turned away from the polls. To have fun!



Anonymous said...

Ugh, this just infuriates me. No, you won't learn anything nor will you actually be making a change. Whenever somebody says something is grass roots it is probably a scam.

When these people get elected they suddenly forget who voted for them. Until lobbying and campaign donations become illegal nothing will change.

You can screw over the big corporations, bankers and everyone else with all the money, and then they will just turn around and destroy you in the media. The average person will now think you are a crook and will hate you anyway, and you will be gone soon enough.

Although it would never get that far, because one person can't really do much. Otherwise Ron Paul would have probably stopped offshoring and pretty much everything else he called decades ago as destroying the US economy.

Get a real job and ignore this bullshit.

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Sounds like Acorn.

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