Saturday, July 24, 2010


"Tom the Temp,

Just so you know, De Novo is still an awful place to work. From what I hear, Evelyn and Mr. Singer are still using mind tricks to control and exploit their slaves. They are driving down the rates close to the twenty dollar range and stuffing all the extra money into their pockets. Anyone who objects, or in anyway displays a 'negative attitude' is immediately blacklisted. It's bait and switch central. She acts all sweet and tries to put the blame on the client for being the bad guy, but everyone knows she is full of crap. Evelyn is constantly lying about the terms and conditions of the projects, and anyone who objects is immediately put on the shit list. It's simply not right. It makes me sick to think that during this economic calamity De Novo and all these record profiteering law firms are using their extraordinary market power to exploit and terrorize everyday Americans who are just trying to survive and put food on the table. I'd rather live in welfare housing than put up with the deceitful shenanigans of these unethical business people."


Anonymous said...

De Novo is not a serious place. Just look at the fat ugly sloppy saddlebag queens they staff projects with. That old bag Sandrene has her little posse of ugly lazy bitches, like herself, with odious weaves that she gabs with and calls "chica" and "lady". What can you expect from a place like that.

Anonymous said...

De Novo has a blacklist, so does Update.

Anonymous said...

Of course you would rather live in welfare housing than work. That's why you're a doc review temp. Grow up. The world owes you nothing. Make your own life.

Nando said...

During law school, I talked to some classmates about starting a strip club called De Novo's. (Hey, at least, it wouldn't be a temp hag agency.) I wonder how many TTT grads, judges and prosecutors that place would have had as patrons.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know any good recruiters in DC? I want to talk to someone there about getting some work so, any names of people you have down there that you have had good or bad experiences with would be helpful.

Anonymous said...

I have an easier time getting clients and actual legal cases than getting doc review. I don't even understand how to get doc review. I'd rather do doc review, as having an actual case load is stressful to me and I don't really like litigation (I would kill to get some sort of transactional work, but that's as hard as getting doc review for me apparently).

I don't get it. Isn't doc review so easy that chimps can do it? Shouldn't it be really easy to get these assignments, especially if the pay is a crappy $20/hr or so?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

^ Please. This guy's copy and paste shtick is old.

JD Underdog said...

People need to realize that a lot of this legal temp type work doesn't add value to a resume.

Anonymous said...


temp work is hard to get right now because everyone wants it. supply & demand.

as for the surgeon cut & paste, it never made sense to me to begin with. seems totally non-relevant.

at least the schtick with the cut & paste illegal immigrant vs temp attorney was somewhat relevant. though, it seems that guy went back to posting about lisa's need for braces.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit the oddball surgeon quote, more to the point the last one, is far more entertaining and worth reading than the guy who's cutting and pasting articles about the unemployment extention. Yes, legal contract work isn't a great resume builder but then again neither is saying "well I've been out of work for almost two years thank Obama for Obama extending that money."

Anonymous said...

8:50 AM

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits!

Anonymous said...

Remember, suicide doesn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

Denovo = Deblowwwwvo

That might stick. Deblowvo it is. And blow they sure do.

And yes they do have a blacklist, but its not what you think. It's a list of the fattest blackest women you can imagine, that come onto projects with huge emotional "saddlebggage" that prevent them from interacting in any normal way with anyone other than their own kind.

Each project has at least 1 or 2 of this type staffed from the blacklist, I bet they put them there on purpose just to drive everyone else nuts.

Anonymous said...

It should be "Sandrene's Fat Black Chicas."

Anonymous said...

Yes, Deblowvo it it. I should have known,

Those fuckin' cocksuckers do have a blacklist.

Or should we call it a shit list because those cocksuckers also love to eat shit.

FrankZ said...

11:45 - I don't understand. Isn't reporting your hours and the number of documents you think you coded a good thing? Seems like it could be useful if the database shows something differently once docs are pulled, etc.

Anonymous said...

dental plan lisa needs braces

Anonymous said...

re: 3:39PM..I'll lay odds that you are one of the owners or principals of DeNovo. Place money on it.

The question becomes what criteria, and if objective, is used by you to determine your (or their) definition of "A-hxxx".

From what I've personally observed, their (or your) definition or criteria is highly suspect.

Is the criteria related only to the owners' own insecurities, prejudices, preferences,political and economic stances, and/or envy/jealousies.

Is it related to fact several people have stood up to them, or attempted to be independent thinkers (not mirror image necessarily of the owners' politics, viewpoints, etc etc.).

Highly suspect and marginal at best from what I've observed.

Very disappointed to have discovered that fact.

Anonymous said...

to all the temp slavemasters:

……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
……….”…\………. _.·´

Anonymous said...

DeNovo is owned by two sadistic fudge packers.

Anonymous said...

10:19 pm you are right. Update definitely has a blacklist. If you don't kiss up to them, you're out. You can be as lazy as you want at Update if you're friends with the agency. For those who work hard, but don't smile in their faces, they will get cut.

It's a personality contest like jr. high.

Ivy Temp said...

I am currently working with an ugly and odious Saddlebag Queen placed by this unprofessional agency. Walking in everyday to see her is like walking in everyday to see a big fat steaming pile of dung. Equally nauseous. Her attitude is even uglier. People like this should not be allowed to exist and if they do they should not be allowed to be viewed by the public.

Anonymous said...

Game over man, game over!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
De Novo is not a serious place. Just look at the fat ugly sloppy saddlebag queens they staff projects with. That old bag Sandrene has her little posse of ugly lazy bitches, like herself, with odious weaves that she gabs with and calls "chica" and "lady". What can you expect from a place like that."

Do you ever get fucking tired of repeating the same racist whine about weaves,etc. Do us a favor and skip through the inevitable "lone white male" killing spree and blow a hole in your head just as the police are coming for you, m'kay?

Anonymous said...

De Novo and Update are the New Mafia!

In the end, those losers have no power when they leave work.

They will get it in the end

Anonymous said...

I always say that the biggest beneficiaries of law schools are NEVER the law graduates, but the law firms and other employers of law graduates.

Another beneficiary of law schools is the faculty and the administration running the law schools.

In this capitalistic society, why would the law school industry in general make the law graduates the biggest beneficiaries, when the people running the law industry are law firms, employers of law graduates, and the faculty??

As a corollary, college education in the US mainly benefits corporate America, who are the employers of college graduates. Education in America produces workers for corporate America, not citizens for the society.

Anonymous said...

I don't think a description of a "odious weave" is racist, especially if its accurate. If Sandrene or any of the rest of them black, white, red, our whatever have bad weaves--then they just do--period. It's an assessment--not a racial dig.

Yours truly: A black woman that's sick of the bullshit.

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