Friday, March 27, 2009

DC Contract Attorney Blogger Retires

"The Great Law School and Law Firm Scam

Disregard Anything Positive I’ve Ever Said About Contract Attorney Work - I’ve Finally Come To My Senses

It has been over a year since I posted here and much has happened. For one thing, I’m no longer a contract attorney. In fact, I’m not even practicing law anymore, although I’ve held onto my two existing bar memberships, paying the annual dues for old times sake - perhaps just so I can continue to call myself a lawyer (for whatever it’s worth).

Since then, I’ve moved onto other lines of work - most notably I’ve started several online businesses - and have found the Internet to be quite a treasure trove of money making opportunities. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve managed to do quite well online.

For my fellow contract attorneys and tempers still working the salt mines of click-click land, my advice is to get out while you still can. Times are bleak, pay is low, and working hours are getting shorter by the minute - but the legal working situation for temp attorneys is also not going to get any better anytime soon. Contract attorney work is not only a dead end job career wise - but it’ll suck out your soul, pummel your pride, and leave you financially depleted years from now. If you can, try to strike it out on your own as a full fledge attorney. I know it’s incredibly difficult to compete in a market that’s super saturated and getting worse every day, but you must try - for sanity sake. I continue to curse the law school system to this day and continuously pray for numerous plagues to afflict the overrated law firms that choke our social system - but at some point, it’s time to move on to greener (or in my case, less-brownish) pastures.

And read Tom The Temp’s blog regularly - he’s a morbid dose of social pessimism and legal comedy for contract attorneys all rolled into one. He’ll bring you down and pick you up at the same time. Misery always loves company and there’s plenty of misery to go around."

Thank you for that. We all wish you the best in your new endeavors.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear he focused on finding a new business rather than trying to change doc review land.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure we'd all love to visit the DC Attorney's new sites where that treasure trove is located. How about some links?

Anonymous said...

what ate you doing to earn money online?

Is it dildo show,?

Really who the fuk can make an online business. With a profit?


Anonymous said...

don't forget to express you anti-Brits in NYC today!

Please make the British here feel unwelcome! They are thieves and scammers!!

Chase off the Brits!

Anonymous said...

yes, I wish they'd all get a British disease and have to be deported by train across the Atlantic.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, DC Attorney guy. Now that you have moved on, never forget to speak out against what a criminal enterprise your alma mater is.

Dean Matasar is a greed head who gambled away the school's endowment money in Madoff's unregulated hedge fund. Matasar also serves as chairman of the Access Group, a student loan company that directs predatory loans to his own students. Conflict of interest anyone?

Anonymous said...

He's smart enough not to link to any information to his new enterprise. We should all be working on exit strategies rather than expecting it to fall into our laps.

Anonymous said...

Why 12:37? If he has a successful internet business shouldn't he want to promote it? If his treasure trove is already established, why would he want to keep it a secret?

Anonymous said...

If document review doesn't come back in the next few months, I am going to have to start an online escort service.

Anonymous said...


a) He does not need to promote a sucessful business on a blog about his prior career. He is alread doing more than enough by sharing his impressions along the way to his transition. I found that insight useful. You should read some of his other posts.

b) He may not want to be harassed in his new venture by doc review kooks. Although there are some normal, smart and great people who do what we do, there are also some incompetent crazy people. I wouldn't tell anyone just for my own safety.

Anonymous said...

I have a colleague who does male escorting on the side - it pays very well - problem is you have to be willing to do a little more than just have dinner sometimes

Anonymous said...



U have a link?

biglaw partner

Anonymous said...

hate the Brits here!

Anonymous said...

why you hating on us Brits? Is it cos you think we take your jobs. I cant see that - we cant get passed immmigration. BTW we also have US law firms in London.

Anonymous said...

I got a nice fat turd I just made and it is just waiting for some Brits face to get smashed in it!

They ruined NYC! Get them out!!!
and tax them!

Anonymous said...

I sell Beenie Babies on Ebay and pull in 100G's a year. You turds that have to work in law firms to make a living are losers!

Anonymous said...

12:47 that sounds pretty silly. If it's a legit business why would he be afraid of letting people know about it? He has a great business on the internet but it's a secret? Amazon has a great business on the internet and they seem to want people to go there.

Anonymous said...

I sell Beenie Babies on Ebay and pull in 100G's a year.
So why are you here?

Anonymous said...

Good for you! More doc reviews should wise up and get out now instead of complaining. And I'm not surprised that several people have responded to this news with jealousy. Doc review is full of small minded dimwits who expect jobs and money to be handed to them. You'll NEVER get anywhere with envy.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, for over a year this guy was trying to persuade us how great being a document reviewer was. Remember the Scrooge McDuck swimming through gold? I guess that was all well and good before the economy crashed and we were all thrown out on our asses and watched as our jobs were shipped over to India.

Now, this guy is getting all Pollyanish about an at home retail company that he provides no surrounding details about. And we should take this guy seriously, why?

Anonymous said...

1:18 it isn't jealousy. We just want to see his site. What's wrong with that? There should be no problem if it's a successful site for a legit business.

Anonymous said...

1254- Most likely, he sells and markest his product, including perhaps to you, through other means without having to identify his business here. You aren't very logical, and only serve to illustrate my point about why, were I him, I wouldn't let any in doc review land know the specifics. There's a safety factor that you gloss over, and that tells me you are one of those people I wouldn't want showing up on my site if I were running a new business.

Anonymous said...

more Brit hate!

I just was outside and heard 5 British accents to everyone one American voice (and that guy was Nigerian).

I mean when the fuc did NYC become a subject to the crown.

To hell with the British here they are thrives and pigs!!!!!!!!!!!! Gut them!

Anonymous said...

how are all these brits getting visas? are you refering to the soutern irish cos you know there are different immigaration rules and they are not british

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Most people doing doc review do not undertake it regularly (even) because they consider if a "career" or because they prefer it over other work. Most contract attorneys I've known do it because of a) rent; b) student loan monthly payments; c) household overhead; d) children and a partner (who may or may not work outside the home); e) health insurance premiums; f) dental and eyeglass premiums; g) credit card debt; h) groceries; i) healthclub dues......basic living needs. The point being that out economy has contracted to such a point that there now is a much smaller pie and too many workers, combined with competition from outside the U.S. both as to workers and business/ professions in general. An on-line business enterprise sounds interesting, but frankly, I'd find it wiswer purchase 52 acres, buy some cattle, and plant...commodities is where it will be, just as the Chinese are trying to use commodities now (rather than the U.S. dollar) as the underpinning of currencies. There is new "paradigm" people, wake up --find past issues from the '70s of "Mother Earth" and learn survival skills.

Anonymous said...

1:30 you seem to be getting into the extremely hypothetical and very defensive for him for some reason. Are you him or are you just coming up with theories for him? Maybe he has just been buying You Can Make a Million on the web schemes and only thinks they will work for him. There is a difference between wanting to believe anyone can do that and doing it. Why are you assuming he has some big secret behind-the-scenes role in a big bucks enterprise? That sounds like a stretch unless you happen to have some personal knowledge about his claim.

Anonymous said...


Your behavior continues to illustrate my point.

Anonymous said...

2:51 He's encouraging people to think you can get rich quick by starting up an internet business. You are questionable because you bitterly attack anyone who wants to see some proof that he has actually done that.

Anonymous said...


If you say so. I am not going to debate you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any Brits on my projects.

Anonymous said...

12:46- lol- I love that idea.

Anonymous said...


I saw the dead end in this entire career about 3 years ago, and started nursing school. I finish in May. With a 2 year nursing degree, I'll be making as much as doc review right out of the gate. After a year, when I join a travel nursing agency, I'll be far outpacing doc review. TNAs ... unlike Update and Special Counsel ... pay your travel to the job, pay your housing on the job, and pay a per diem. That's in addition to the hourly rate ... and the time-and-an-half, with all the hours you want. Most of the jobs have sign on and renewal bonuses. "Google it, lest ye doubt me!" (T. Jefferson ... the quote, not me.)

Love the "soul crushing and pride pummeling." Soul crushing is how I've described this for over a year. No, I've been doing this since '4.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I was just talking to a longtime nurse the other day and she said there's not only no shortage of nurses, there's a surplus. The newer ones are undercutting the older nurses by being willing to work for less (this is in CA). Doesn't sound too secure to me. And travel nursing? Going constantly from job to job? Yeesh. If I wanted to do that, I'd be a hobo.

Anonymous said...

No nurses are in demand. They are even thinking of expediting visas for Indian nurses. Not kidding.

I think a lot of it is perceived demand for the boomers, as they age, will need more care.

Anonymous said...

The DC blog was incredibly weak anyway. He just repeated the same crap you can see on any other temp atty blog or that anyone that worked on 1 temp project would know.

Good luck to DCCA, but it's not like his blog is missed.

Anonymous said...

Nurses are in demand/not in demand depending on the specialty.

I'm not very familiar with how the specialty tracks are set up or whatever, but there are definitely some nurses actually being laid off right now. (though, i would think it would be somewhat possible for them to re-tool and do some type of other nursing.) Hospital budgets are getting squeezed. So even if a hospital is kinda experiencing a shortage of nurses, it's not because there's no supply of them, it's because the hospitals have not enough money to hire the requisite number.

In addition, nursing has a high rate of turnover. Hospitals are implementing programs to alleviate that, but in recent years, turnover has been really high.

Trollop said...

I'm glad DC figured it out. To the d-bags who find it impossible that a temp atty can go on to something else (something that actually exists) and find success, I guess I see why you continue to wallow in misery. I moved on, and so should you. Welcome to the real world, sans entitlement. Instead of want to "reform" the schools, the market, whatever-you-please, I'm glad DC decided to "re-form" himself. Your eyes will be less starry-eyed, but you might find reality much easier to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Insulting people for not accepting claims of get rich quick schemes without any facts to back them up is ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

I think Tom should follow his lead and start an online porn site using temp lawyers.

Anonymous said...

An update on the Yolanda Young case:

Anonymous said...

More on CB:

Anonymous said...

Wow, read Covington's response. I'm not sure she knows what she has gotten herself into. Good thing she hired another attorney to handle her case.

Anonymous said...

Wow, quite a smear job by Covington.

Yolanda should keep it simple. Focus on the numbers. #'s of minority contractors vs. #'s of minority associates and partners. Stress the third world working conditions in many of these biglaw firms that contract attorneys are subjected to. Don't let Covington get away with claiming that all the other firms are doing it. That's like a southern plantation owner trying to make the claim that they treat their slaves better.

Anonymous said...

The Covington response seems self-defeating. If she was so poorly qualified, why did they hire her other than to boost their 'diversity' appearances?

Knowing what I know about firm life BS, I don't necessarily buy that. But Covington isn't exactly being very smart here, just sounds like they're angry and raging, juries don't like that.

Anonymous said...

On the nursing thing (my wife is a nurse), its not all its cracked up to be, there 's a ceiling on salary (You will never see a nurse making 6 figures) and that person bragging about beming a traveling nurse needs to realize that he or she will be traveling to wipe old peoples butts all day. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

She's an idiot. If you actually read their EEOC response you will understand how utterly baseless her allegations are.

For example,

-staff attorneys are by definition "non-partner track" and everyone knows this.

-Eric Holder, Obama's AG, is a partner there.

-She was barely a "C" student at GULC and was not qualified to be an associate.

-Her firing was based solely upon objective criteria. Compared to the other doc reviewers, she was the lowest ranked.

-She trashed the firm in a blog (post-termination) and in particular one of her former bosses.

-She then applied to get her old job back months later, requesting to work for the guy she attacked in the blog.

Seriously, this is comical. This woman is completely insane and has no case whatsoever. Her comic book compliant is a joke and nothing but a smear campaign.

I'm glad the firm is fighting back against the sleazy extortion attempt.


Wow! Richard Matasar takes the scumbag cake! He's a top dog at both ends of the law school swindle: dean of the flagship Toilet Law school that charges an enormous tuition for a puny education and even punier job prospects, and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the slave-creating Access Group student loan company.

Tom, please do a main story about this. It's pretty incredible and very illustrative of the root of the student loan/education industrial complex.

Anonymous said...


"But Covington isn't exactly being very smart here, just sounds like they're angry and raging, juries don't like that."

She'll have to get to a jury first. I'm not saying she will or won't survive summary judgment.

Anonymous said...


Covington's response will hurt them with the judge who has to rule on the summary judgment. I worked for an employment litigator who would say judges are human too.

Big law firms typically run a person's name through the mud when the firm's practices are exposed to the public. They use these techniques to control any potential litigation by impliedly damaging the person's chances of working in the industry. This unspoken threat is how so much crap is allowed to happen in the legal industry.

I think that their tactics are a mistake because this is now litigation rather than the court of industry opinion where intimidation of this nature might work to chill litigation. A judge looking at this will now have extra ammo to say let's see what a jury thinks. This only reinforces my view that lawyers are the worse type of clients.

Even Yolanda's filing of her own case illlustrates this point, but at least she's becoming smart about it. Her decision to hire an attorney to represent her is smart, and the fact that a reputable firms was willing to take on the case indicates there is more to the claim than others here are willing to admit.

Anonymous said...

"Nurses are in demand/not in demand depending on the specialty."

Sounds like law except you make more money as an attorney.

Let's keep things in perspective. Six months ago people were complaining about temp agencies paying 30 an hour instead of 35 for unskilled work.

6 months before that the complaints were about lack of car service and free dinners.

Let's keep some perspective on the legal profession.

One more thing, personally, I'd rather strike out on my own and solo instead of dabbling in an internet buisness.

Anonymous said...

"employment litigator who would say judges are human too"

Huh? I guess you are part of her "dream team" of plaintiff's lawyers.

Anonymous said...


Snark alert on: Yes, I am. I would be stupid enough her lawyer to respond to you. Snark alert off.

This may confuse you. I did not spend my entire career working on doc reviews.

I am not judging the merits of the case. I am judging the strategy.

Covington wants to seem like the reasonable one here to the judge. If case has no merits, then there is no reason to go ballistic like Covington did. It creates an unnecessary question mark. People only react like this when they feel some concern.

Anonymous said...

"A judge looking at this will now have extra ammo to say let's see what a jury thinks."

Only if it shows the existence of genuine issues of material fact under Title VII and its case law.

I don't see how this is going ballistic, nor do I see how a defendant would want to keep their powder dry rather than telling the EEOC to keep them from taking the case and making it harder to defend.

Again, I'm not commenting on the merits of Ms. Young's case. She either will or will not be able to show enough of a case on discriminatory intent or effect to survive summary judgment.

The letter to the EEOC should be read by every applicant to law school, as it shows the reality of the law business very well.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it spells it out pretty clearly.

Anonymous said...


Retalitory action (here impugning reputation) by the employer can be considered as evidence. If she were as subpar as they describe, why did they hire her? I am not sure it will work, but their response raises the question.

This is an issue that the legal employers do not understand about employment of atttorneys. Just because other employees have let it (inpugning or threatening reputation) go in the past in the past, does not mean that will happen with this case. I agree about the merits. I have no idea if they are strong or not. Just strategically it seems to be a mistake.

I am not saying it will work. I am saying Covington opens a door. The smart move would have been to respond with an answer without pushing it as far as Covington did. But, that's just based on what I remember of how these cases work.

They don't want the EEOC ( if they are involved) finding cause for the plaintiff because the case moves from being Yolanda to being the EEOC. I was involved in representing the employers. It made the case harder to have the EEOC find cause.

Anonymous said...

Is this the guy who had that photo of Sarah Palin on the homepage of his blog? I mean the picture of Sarah standing there striking a defiant pose, the wind in her hair, her wussy spearfishing goateed hairgelled Metrosexual Eskifaux husband standing in the background looking on annoyingly?

VERY annoying. I'd say any day anytime a mindless reactionary right-wing headcase decides to retire from blogging is a good day.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see more open minded liberals have (dis)graced this board with their presence.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey 6:25, don't be busting on the metrosexual. Every woman should be blessed with one.

Anonymous said...

I can understand being annoyed at pompous liberals, but I do not understand being a temporary attorney and a conservative. It's like the chicken supporting Cornel Sanders.

Anonymous said...

Who said anything about being a conservative? Having a dislike for both parties is the healthiest attitude. They serve only to perpetuate themselves.

How is our system different that China? Not much. They have one party, we have two.

Anonymous said...

Who is Excelerate E-discovery? Has anyone worked with these cats before?

Anonymous said...

Founder of Excelerate Discovery

Anonymous said...


I stand corrected. I can appreciate distain for all. But, it really must be distain for all.

Anonymous said...


Prob is that every conservative I've ever known puts on an attitude that naturally suprerior, smarter, or harder working people will always rise to the top and get better jobs, earn more, etc.

And then you have this conservative blogger who is blogging about his own woeful travails as a mere temp attorney.

I find it very ironic. A conservative who is manifestly unable to hide behind the facade that most conservatives hide behind, because he's in effect admitting he's "settling" for a piddling, inferior job with no job security and questionable career potential.

And conservatives always lecture us not to "blame" anyone... personal responsibility...

Yeah, right. Don't blame big business, they know what's good for us and good for America. Don't blame outsourcing because it's about business efficiency and profit-making! EXCEPT when it crimps my career plans, right? Then, it's bag-on-the-Indians time! Time to trot out racist stereotypes about "Babu".

I suppose these conservative doc reviewers will spare us when they feel the urge to blame someone for their plight, because THAT would be blaming big business, blaming The Man, and blaming capitalism, and those are just things that they will NOT DO.

Except maybe when it hurts their own career plans.

Anonymous said...

Gotta luv the know-it-all liberals. You've got all the angles covered, don't ya?

Anonymous said...

939 describes conservatize psychology. There's nothing know it all about it because it's something that is on display to anyone who has ever known conservatives in large enough numbers.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it is a liberal's impression of Conservatism. It just shows how little y'all really know about it.

Ignorance is bliss, though. Enjoy the comfort of your soothing cloak of arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Politics are for the powerful or for the stupid. I am way past that college idealist age where I give a shit about one party or the other. All I care about now is what the fuck I am going to eat tomorrow.

Obama is increasing the unemployment benefits? I've voting for him. TWICE if I can.

If I win the lottery, then I'll consider voting for a yokel who talks about decreasing taxes.

Anonymous said...

add Jones Day to the shit list...bunch of assholes got rid of 2/3 of staffers yesterday on an assignment at 10 pm at nnight when we all left and now havbe to email time sheets and dumb security cards to be mailed fuck them

Anonymous said...

Interesting News:

(1) Potential class action on law loans:

(2) Yolanda Young update

The Yuppie Attorney said...

The trend is that most Lawyers are leaving the profession after 5 years. The main reason is job market/pay.

Anonymous said...

12:49, where are they going? What are they leaving the law for?

Anonymous said...

hey 12:49, you were reading my mind - I've heard for about 10 years this statistic about lawyers leaving the profession - but no one has ever provided any solid data about where they are going - we all know that a JD is a scarlet letter in the non-legal world - unless you have work experience before law school - can someone provide some supporting documentation for this claim - I suspect that this number is inflated by women who take off to have children and never come back - that is not "leaving the law profession" for something else - or maybe it's also inflated by people who go in-house or to a gov't agency and technically are not "practicing"

Anonymous said...

No Worried,

He was just a nigger who couldn't hack doc review anyway. One does not morn the loss of a brother who could not stand a job where you chill and listen to one's Ipod all day for $100K/year.

Very strange dude. 12:28 shows well the lies, he was like that on the two projects we were on together.

NYC KAs, keep your peckers up,

Brother in DC

Anonymous said...

Yeah, law's a good gig when there's work.

It looks like things might be picking up again. People are griping about the projects in NYC again instead of complaing about the lack thereof.

As long as the damn market doesn't crash this week things will continue to improve.

Anonymous said...

Who's got dat work? I ain't got nuttin!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Anita hiring again?

Anonymous said...

Anita, I just met a girl named Anita!

Anita could there ever be anyone sweeter?

I've heard she's hiring temps left and right. Tom should give her a call

Anonymous said...

Tom's one of the Hudson A-listers. He doesn't have to call anyone. They call him.

Anonymous said...

Really, that's great. Do they know he blogs about their sweatshops and calls them "Satan's Workshop??

Anonymous said...

This week in law firm layoffs (week ending 3/28):

Gibson Dunn & Crutcher: 36 staff

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom: undisclosed lawyers, 50 staff

Bose McKinney & Evans: 10 lawyers, 15 staff

Clifford Chance: 24 lawyers

Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge: 25 lawyers, 35 staff

Dechert LLP: 63 lawyers, 62 staff

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Oliver & Hedges LLP: undisclosed

Saul Ewing: 7 lawyers, 7 staff

Goldberg Kohn: 9 lawyers, 14 staff

Wolf Block: 317 lawyers, undisclosed staff

Total this week: 455 lawyers, 219 staff.

Anonymous said...

Wolf Block is actually announcing the "orderly unwinding of its business":

They will remain in the practice of law for several more months "to serve and protect the interests of clients"...

Anonymous said...

And by the way, Wolf Block dates back to 1903, per their website...

Anonymous said...

They passed 100 lawyers in 1976, and passed 200 lawyers in 1986.

This is the final blurb on their firm history, from the site (dated 2003, the firm's centennial year):

"As we enter our second century of existence, we're just getting started. WolfBlock is ahead of the curve, racing into a future filled with new discoveries. We're well positioned - strategically, technologically and philosophically - to help our clients embrace the future, and thrive in it."

You can cut the irony with a knife, folks.

Anonymous said...

Big law is like big corp. It grew too big and too fast without underlying economic activity to sustain it. Most of the "growth" has been related to debt financing. Debt financing is not long term productivity. It's only meant for funding activitivies that will produce long term productivity. Sadly, many of these firms- like their clients- either did not realize that or wanted to milk the system as long as they could before anyone noticed.

Anonymous said...

actually I think Covington's response is not very good because a lot of what they are basing their defense on is that this woman did not have good enough grades to be an associate.
I think that most people in this country are offended by that notion and that a jury will look rather dimly on such an argument. Many many people got so-so grades and went on to do all sorts of really important things. For example, General Patton was kicked out of West Point after his first year and had to re-apply. He was re-admitted, and finished in the bottom of his class but he become one the United States best Generals, ever.
The notion that law firms have that how you did in your first year of law school dictates the rest of your career is a bunch of crap to most people and they are not going to want some pointy headed lawyer trying to explain to them why it should be this way.
A jury is going to hate Covington. Also, its pretty funny that they make a big deal of how they are the only top 50 firms with two black partners. That is not a winning argument, and to a jury its going to look like institutionalized racism. Covington really does not get it if they think those kind of arguments are going to work in this day and age, and they should try and settle.

Anonymous said...


The whole issue of law school grades opens a HUGE can of worms....

For instance, who hasn't pondered these age-old questions:

1) Why is Law Review membership based virtually ONLY on your first-year grades? (And in some cases, based only on your grades in the first SEMESTER of your first year.)

2) Why is law school the only category of graduate school in the US in which it is virtually forbidden to contest an exam grade? Why is law school the only category of graduate school in the US in which exam grading practices are heavily shrowded in an almost impenetrable cloak of mystery?

3) Why do Biglaw firms base so much of their hiring on grades, rather than other criteria?

4) Why do virtually all law schools in the US work on a "forced curve" system where meaningless nuances of sentence structure and even punctuation marks in an essay answer can and do mean a letter-grade of difference between two students' exams?

5) How can law schools reconcile subjective testing and exam grading with a forced curve? Doesn't this combination fails from both the "logic" and the "fairness" standpoints?

6) Aren't all these attributes of the US legal profession and law school just anachronistic traditions that were driven by the rigid, classist hiring practices of a bunch of pompous "white shoe" law firms dating back to the turn of the 20th century?

Anonymous said...

"Aren't all these attributes of the US legal profession and law school just anachronistic traditions that were driven by the rigid, classist hiring practices of a bunch of pompous "white shoe" law firms dating back to the turn of the 20th century?"

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Covington erred to respond as they did. Their arguments work with status conscious lawyers, but may not work with a judge and jury.

Most would readily agree that, yes, at first, without more, grades may matter. The problem for Covington is that they were beyond that stage. They hired her. Therefore, to use her grades as a basis for the caste system is bizare to anyone not in the legal industry. We have become used to these bizare traditions, but that does not mean they would hold water in a law suit.

When you think about it, they are essentially arguing that it does not matter how she performed in her job because of her law school grades. This will leave many scratching their heads "huh?"

Anonymous said...


"Also, its pretty funny that they make a big deal of how they are the only top 50 firms with two black partners. That is not a winning argument, and to a jury its going to look like institutionalized racism."

If you go to some of the big law firm blogs, you quickly realize that many big firms live in their own bubble. We are talking about an industry that consistently underperforms most other industries in terms of recruiting and retaining minority groups of all types.

It probably ranks only just behind advertising as a class action waiting to happen. The only reason why it has not happened is fear of being blacklisted.

The dirty little secret is that even people of color who do meet their grade requirements do not stay. The problem is bigger than grades. Most leave at a higher percentage than their white counterparts. Yet, they think these horrible numbers are great.

Anonymous said...


As to why these traditions are in place even though they make no sense in the real world: Because this elite caste system model, along with its air of snobbery and arrogance continues to impress the clients and convinces them to shell out those bloated sums of money to the big firms. Elitism is the closest thing out there to being recession-proof. The industry may contract but the tradition will stay strong and never change. If there was no elitism model in law, the profession would become unglamorous like tax accountant or insurance salesman. The prestige pissing contest will continue until the firms shut down basically.

Furthermore, arrogance gives certain big law types a huge psycholgical advantage to gullible clients/people. The pompous attitudes invokes emotive responses in people such as admiration, intimidation, jealousy or brings out inferiority complexes etc. Ever met that arrogant rich prick from law school or at work who is completely out of touch with the rest of society but thinks he is so much smarter than everyone? Even when there is no substance behind it, it's enough to hoist them above the rest of the crowd and ultimately impress the clients to line their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Well, sorry to disappoint, but this case will not be litigated in tom the temp blog. A lot more intelligent and experienced attorneys and judges will be considering this case.

But to be sure, she has *zero* case based on the comic book. She was paid over $130,000 one year. If that's "ghetto" sign me up!

This woman is just another self entitled bimbo looking to the law firm as an ATM. What an embarassment for the legal profession and the Georgetown. Even they knew it was a mistake to admit her and gave her a "C" average.

Her comic book complaint will likely be dismissed or tossed out via summary judgement.

Why doesn't this moron go out and find a real job like everyone else? There's plenty of temp work in DC.

Now that she's filed a lawsuit and put a link to it from her web site, she'll probably say there is a conspiracy among the law firms and agencies to keep her unemployed.

No, you did it all by yourself.

Anonymous said...

4:49- that's right- who the hell has the balls to 'gripe' in this economy????

Anonymous said...


The only thing correct in your post that is that Yolanda's against Covington will not be decided here. Sadly, you did not stop with the only line that mattered in your entire diatribe about the merits of Yolanda's case. As others have already, it's exactly your kind of "analysis" that could lose the case for them. Judges and juries have to a) want to like you and b) believe you. Your personality makes it easier not to believe the defendant.

Anonymous said...

11:03 I think you are sorta missing the boat here. She got hired, got paid 130k a year, but now they want to claim shes not qualified because her grades were not as good as some other people, and that she can NEVER advance as a result.
I can not think of any place else in this country where what you do in one year of school determines your whole future career, and a jury is not going to understand or sympathize with Covington on this issue.
Frankly, a lot of people will look at such a practice as anti-American and will be terribly offended by it.
Would you hire someone and pay them 130k a year if they were not "qualified"? I doubt it, and neither would I.
It makes no business sense, and people on a jury will recognize that fact, and Covington is going to have a hard time overcoming that.
Then you throw in the fact that other people who had the same job were apparently overwhelmingly black, and the fact that there are only two black partners out of a couple hundred white partners, and it really does start to look like this is just an effort to cook the books.
I will give you the point that the complaint was very badly written, and that perhaps it is fair to call it a comic book complaint, but the fact that she was inartful in her pleading does not mean that is is entirely without merit.
I also think the broader issue here, which you have also missed, is really how screwed up the law school-law firm-legal industry really is.
Even if this particular case is just a self-entitled bimbo, as you put it, the fact remains the people get charged a hell of a lot of money to go to law school, which does ZERO to prepare them for the practice of law.
Then they have to take a bar exam (except in Wisconsin of course) then you have to pay fees to keep your license current, and you have to pay fees for CLE classes which are totally useless, then you still don't know how to do much.
The entire process really is a scam and a big rip off scheme designed to generate revenue for people like the ABA, in the meantime normal people have trouble getting a lawyer because they can't afford the artificially inflated high process of legal representation due to all of the fraud that is involved and all the payoffs that have to occur before one can become a lawyer.
Bernie Madoff could not have set it up better.

Anonymous said...

The other key point is that she has stopped representing herself and has hired lawyers versed in employment law litigation. Whatever her complaint looks like is irrelevant at this point because of her new representation.

Anonymous said...

Yo G's,
what up with that excelerate gig? That shit for reals? Anybody got hollered on that mofo?

Anonymous said...

Yo G's,
what up with that excelerate gig? That shit for reals? Anybody got hollered on that mofo?

Anonymous said...

yeah hey saw that posting for excelerate job?? Is it real? Rate ? Anyone know anything about that one?

Anonymous said...

I am so depressed today.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that NY has crappy legal positions on monster and craigslist compared to DC ? What's up with that? I am know the temp work is all the same, but the perm positions seem more plentiful and of better quality in DC. For a city of NY size, why are there so few real legal positions?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

1:37 PM - more of these ridiculous arguments. Everyone that has ever worked temp in large firms understands that staff attorney jobs are a big step up from temp work. Moreover, that they are, by definition, "non-partner track". Case closed.

Ask the white-boy staff attorneys at Willkie Farr or Skadden if the will ever get a gig as an associate. They will laugh and tell you that they have no shot, due to their credentials. It's not a job one can generally work your way up from. Each firm is different.

We'll see about the merits of Yolanda's case. I would suggest y'all leave it to the court system to judge. Y'all aren't really in position to do so.

Anonymous said...

Requiring registration means no one will be going there.

Anonymous said...

1:37 You are such a racist moron that you can't get through an entire comment without throwing in some racist remark. No one should hire you for anything. They would open themselves up to liability for subjecting employees to your bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Meant 3:13 not 1:37

3:13 You are such a racist moron that you can't get through an entire comment without throwing in some racist remark. No one should hire you for anything. They would open themselves up to liability for subjecting employees to your bigotry.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

IBM files for patent on offshoring jobs

Anonymous said...

Are travel expenses related to doc review tax deductible?

Anonymous said...

11:01, Covington is not saying that they are the only top 50 law firm with two African-American partners. They are saying that they are the only top 50 law firm with two African-American partners who are ALSO ranked among the top 50 most influential minority lawyers in the country. With selective paraphrasing like that you should give up law and look into working for TMZ?

Anonymous said...


Your poor reasoning skills are both funny and sad. Funny because you make a distinction without signifcant meaning regarding racial discrimination.

You are making the Bill Cosby defense. Well, there are some African Americans in our system, and therefore, there is no discrimination against African-Americans in our system. Token respresentation is not proof that a system is not broken.

Your argument is also sad, because people look at you and I, and they think that we are both lawyers despite your poor reasoning skills. When I look for a job, my resume has to be mixed with a thousand other people just like you.

Anonymous said...


Uhh, the culture and legal market is much different between NYC and DC.

NYC = much more finance related positions, but now that has gone down the proverbial shitter!

DC = vastly more jobs related to government and federal regulations, and lobbying type stuff, which has gone through the roof with all these Stimuli and TARPs.

Long live the New Era of Big Government!!

May a permanent Upsizing of Government crush all the conservative ideologues!

Nationalize the Banks and Socialism in America Now!!!!

This would actually be a good thing, because the transition to socialism would mean 100% employment for lawyers for a good long time. Eventually, our corporate-dominated current legal system would be phased out, but for a long while, around 10+ years, there would be virtually full employment with cushy federal jobs for most of us. And we'd all retire with fat government pensions.

Now tell me, you conservatives, can you argue when MONEY TALKS????

Anonymous said...

PTO and the patent firms are located around DC also.

Until about 6 months ago if you passed the patent bar and had a BS, you practically had a guarantee of decent lifetime employment. Sadly this is no more.

Anonymous said...

What the fuk with that accelerate job posting???

Anonymous said...


I think this is because now most firms want at least an MS for patent lawyers, if not a Ph.D.

Anonymous said...

Why is information never published about the patent bar? Why don't law schools actively promote taking the patent bar to their students who have BS degrees? I have a BS and never once in law school did anyone suggest I take the patent bar. I didn't even know it existed until after graduating.

Anonymous said...

You have a B.S. in some area of science, but it never occured to you that you are potentially eligible to take the patent bar? Seriously, it would have been great if your law school told you, but honestly, you didn't know that already? Wow.

Anonymous said...

Re: DC versus NYC

Yes, I know the differences in practice areas. I am just surprised more firms here have no caught on to the shifting practice areas. For example, there is this special today regarding the issues of increased regulation:

There is nothing that say addressing regulatory issues requires one to live in DC, especially since the increased regs will be in the area of securities and financial institutions. You would think you would start to seeing increased demand for securities work, but I guess it is just at the start of the shifting regulatory structure.

Anonymous said...

Why should I believe his credibility about the wealth to be achieved through online business ventures, then I should believe his credibility about the viability of doc review as a lucrative career? This is simply not a credible person.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

who cares what you believe?

Anonymous said...


Right now they do. This wasn't the case in September prior to this mess.

They can afford to be selective with a bunch of unemployed patent attorneys on the streets and a signifigant slow down in work.

Check the mid/small size NYC and DC firms websites if you don't beleive me.

Anonymous said...

"All whores, all of you, you don't care you hurt."

Anonymous said...

How will checking the website of patent firms tell us anything regarding work slow down? Are you referencing the change in the the number of associates? I actually have a friend who works in patent law. There has not been much of a slow down in her workload. She's at a midsized firm. Much of what people say here is not how she describes it. Therefore, I am curious about this.

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