Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Golden Gate School of Law - Your One-way Ticket To The Trailer Park

Someone posted this earlier today in the comments section, and I wanted to highlight it. Crappy law school (that should be padlocked) + stay on the couch spouse + student loans + two kids ='s eviction, misery, and a horrible life.



Nando said...

Golden Gate Sewer of Law - what a waste of space. And to think, the toilet only charges $1220 per credit hour - for the 2009-2010 academic year:


That would come out to roughly $36,600 for a FT student at this dump.

Who says higher education doesn't pay off. The administrators and "professors" make out like bandits!

Anonymous said...

No way she made that much.

She worked at this firm:


Please! You blame the law schools for pulling salary numbers out of thin air, but the graduates are just as delusional.

Anonymous said...

I thought San Francisco was supposed to be liberal. The comments to that article are like the Glenn Beck show on steroids.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for people that have kids - but why should they get more than people who don't have kids. I wanted to - but didn't want to put them on welfare so decided to wait until I was financially better. And now I am too old. Why should no one help me - I am also being evicted - just because I don't have brats. Because I was too conscientious. I hate this shit.

Anonymous said...

Some people just SHOULD NOT have brats. End of story. People don't have kids out of noble intentions -they have them because they are busy pleasuring each other. So then why should we treat these people as better than childless people???? I feel childless people are the more moral and noble ones - LIKE ME!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for her.

It looks like she is actually trying. Don't know what is up with the Dad, he seems like a mess.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Commissar Obama, at least this penurious peon and he "Mr. Mom" husband will now have "free" healthcare courtesy of the working class that will have to subsidize Obamacare. Is this change you can believe in?

Anonymous said...

She looks like a slob. She looks like the perfect candidate for S&C.

Anonymous said...

True dat 10:33. At least lay off the potatoe chips and go running or something.

Anonymous said...

Not as uncommon as you may think. I know several succesful female attorneys (some fairly attractive) who support lazy, stay at home freeloading man bitches. If only I could find a succesful woman to support me. To hell with pride.

Ivy Temp said...

I would NEVER support a lazy man. Only ugly chicks do that.

Anonymous said...

She's got the right look for a gestapo type staff attorney.

Anonymous said...

She would fit right in with the middle-aged staff attorney cows like Lucy Cow and sloppy Big Mamma.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Just what biglaw looks for in a staff attorney. Ugly, fat, and trapped in the position for monetary reasons. All she needs is the nasty, sadistic attitude.

Anonymous said...

TTT Grad's first day at Biglaw:


Click play on right frame.

Anonymous said...

Heather hasn't quite figured out how to use LinkedIn:

Nothing says professional like listing the same time period for each job.

Anonymous said...

What the white cunty biotches along with their likely homo allies fail to state or admit is that for years now, in lawland, and now other arenas.....there is a cunty female-homo economy where they are now favored by the overlords.....and the economy of the newly minted n-words of today's society....the straight white (along w all other straight) males.

In the lower to upper middle echelons of many firms (as in much of professional society), white and jewish plus some asian cunty biotches are the rule while straight men are excluded or dominated. This is why the daddy day care thing is becming more the norm.

Soon gold digging cunts will no longer be able to find a suitable male mate because the cunts will have taken all of the jobs save for those few jobs reserved for our overlords. For now. Soon enough, the cunts & their homo allies will be the overlords.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...shame on this woman for being fat and lumpy while unemployed! Hell, since I graduated from my perpetual unemployment training center...er, law school, I am in the best shape of my life! Yes, that's right...I can only barely afford my rent, utilities and gym membership and I have so much free time due to now being unemployable in any respectable job after being lied to by my Tier 1 toilet I have been able to get into great shape. Yes, this is a true story. You too can live the good life!

Here's how to order!

Anyone can do this...do you have a pulse and a Bachelor's from any school from Yale right on down to Whattsamatta U. in anything from Poli. Sci. right on down to Basketweaving? Then you too can attend law school and enter this illustrious profession. Good luck, kids!

Anonymous said...

I too have a hard time believing the the fat, dopey looking white broad actually made $100K in law. Not attractive enough. And men, with cunty women & their homo allies taking your jobs, their is no shame in being a daddy day care on their dime.

Its about time they do the lifting. Its what they get when the get what they hoped for.....the total emasculation & N-wordization of the straight male.

Anonymous said...

What many of you straight male wanna be lawland lemmings fail to realize is that your overlords find your masculinity to be very threatening. They fear and despise you for it. Especially because they are so effeminate themselves. Especially those who are of the chosen tribe. They let their women control them.

They fear and despise straight men of other tribes (who are more likely to keep their biotches in check) so much that they make it policy to exclude or marginalize mud people straight men in favor of their cunty, spoiled, entitlement minded daughters and or those who are willing to be their concubines, along with their less threatening gay allies.

What today's male overlords fail to realize is the they are giving the store away to an even more ruthess & evil creature than themselves....The cunty white and Jewish woman and her gay allies....The soon to be overlords.

Straight male mud people...yor overlords fear and despise you. They exclude you and marginalize you at every turn. Leave law to their daughters and homo allies who will soon be the overlords.

Enjoy daddy day care if u must impregnates one of these useless broads. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Jersey Shore TTTGrad meets Biglaw partner:


Anonymous said...

This attorney's story is not unlike many of my NYC attorney friends' stories. Those NYC attorneys laid off after August, 2009 are going to have a similar fate, since their UE will not be extended beyond April or May, 2010 (unless they found doc review gigs to push that date forward into the summer, 2010).

One will be saved if one can lateral to a firm, or find a government agency, or leave NYC for another attorney position, or their partner or spouse still retains some sort of substantive employment. This SF attorney is lucky her partner was willing to work in the home while she is out there hussling to feed everyone. There are no subways out there dudes, she is paying weekly high driving fuel prices. We are fotunate we can walk around NYC and subway costs are still pretty reasonable.

Although $100K is not really a high paying salary by SF standards, it reflects she was working long hours as a staff attorney or as a doc reviewer (unless legal aid)... and supporting 3 people.

No wonder she isn't in the gym and working out, she has no time and loads of expenses. I pity this woman and will only send good karma something works out for her. Kids are too important, and THEY are for whom she is hussling.

She'll have to become a secretary, if and only she can find that type of job. This is hard times for this family.

But guess what NYC attorneys, it very much could be you in 4 months unless you have a trust fund or parents sending you $1500 a month to help, or can find a job very very soon m- doc review or a real job, non-law or law.

Do not mock.

Anonymous said...

I do not mock..I simply state truths in the real world. It is very unlikely that the subject woman was making $100K in any real law substantive job. But I will grant you that she may have done so in doc review in San Fran where labor laws are more strictly enforced. They make them pay good OT over there unlike in NYC.

Perhaps she was a staff attorney.

Whatver the case may be, she, and most other legal lemmings are now toast.

I will say that I do think that such folk who are in such blatantly tenous and bullshit 'professions' such as law, are being foolishly irresponsible when they pork up kids on purpose or by mistake. Many lawyers have no healthcare or benefits & can't hold a job regardless of whether its their fault or the game's fault. How they could be so stupid as to put innocent children into the equasion is beyond me.

The moral of the story is is that such a woman should have been able to take a gander at the mirror and known that she was not cut out for law.

Anonymous said...

Everyone keep your hands off Big Mamma's cookies!

Anonymous said...

re 1:29PM is clearly clearly a current or former BIGLAW type, or maybe a recruiter for such. Being cut out for the law in your equation goes only to whether or not she was cut out for corporate law.

Having worked at Cravath, I can tell you that even CSM has attorneys who look no differently that this SF attorney - which shocked me at the time.

Horrified. How she appears may have nothing to do with her intellect.

Wouldn't it be a big surprise to learn that regardless of where she went to law school, she is undergrad EE out of Cornell, speaks Mandarin, passed the Patent Bar, but she went back to law schoopl as a 2nd career after she had her kids, and that maybe her husband lost his job, and there were no other options presented her at the time she made her choice.

So, she ran with it using "hope" and risked....genius sometimes results in the face of adversity. I'd love to hear in 5 years she does someting that absolutely takes you by surprise.

Do not count her out, but I might count you out since you pre-judge people based on the wrong criteria.

I'll lay bets she is a diamond in the rough, and one day might "take off"....it is all a question, under her facts, of being at the right place, at the right time. Too bad you can't hink "out of the box" and are not more creative.

You definitely must be a lawyer, and one who has done nothing else in life but go to law school immediately after undergrad, and probably paid for by mom and dad, an insurance settement, or a trust fund, and you definitely must be a "guy".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My bridge just fell out & I can't chew solid food, does Hussein's plan cover dental care? if not, i will likely waste away clicking on this project...thanks..click click click click click

Anonymous said...

To the dingbat who posted at 1;45....The poster above who states "that's what you get for going to a tier III school" knows the deal.

She went to Golden Gate. Most likely not much 'intellect' or great chance of a late life blossoming there.

I would take you up on your bet. She is toast.

I would be shocked if she went to anything cornell. She appears to have gone to Hormell & eaten too much spam.

Why were you so shocked by the fat folk you saw at Cravath? Why so 'horrified'? Because you, like most of law made a scathing judgment.

Your profile of me is weak at best.

I have been on the fringes of biglaw but am mostly a TT toileteer. Big gap between LS & UG. No hep from me folks ever. Not in HS, UG or LS. I am a guy and clearly you are just another PC, lala land living in, head in the sand dingbat broad.

If she had the kids before law school then she is just another victim of the TTT law school scam. She got taken. If the kids came while in or after law scam the she is an irresponsible, deluded & possibly arrongant fool.

Anonymous said...

Heh Dude, you are one unhappy Dude with your life, or clearly have lost hope.

Maybe you just never had a surprise life experience, something positive, never expected that changed your life - regardless of your credentials and their "rating". It is called the "law of serendipity" and it can happen to anyone regardless of one's credentials.

Your life (and her life) is not dependent on the credential and its rating. Your life (and her life) is dependent upon how you (and she) carve it-- regardless of your (her) credentials' rating.

If you do not believe in this, you are the one who is toast, not her. We all are losers if we allow ourselves to be defined by the law school experience. If so, we "fell" for it.

I am so sorry for you that the word "broad" is still in your voabulary.

I wish for you a positive experience that might come out of no where and that would change your life, unrelated to credentials and the rating. Ignore the rating and don't limit your perceptions and the application of your innate talents.

You are limiting yourself by continuing to "fall for it". Go create your reality, and ignore the rating of your law school. You are in your own way. Find a way, create a way.

Anonymous said...

Wow.That last post was deep. Very much confirmation of the la la land dreamworld mentality that many a dumb biotch displays. 'Broad' was my attempt at politeness. Dumb biotch is definitely way more appropriate.

Ratings are established by our vile, evil, classist & racist overlords to discriminate and marginalize those who are not they. Ratings...from the LSAT on greatly affect most non elite folks' lives & career. They most often preclude la di da surprises from happpening for the regular joe or decent folk in general.

I would love to be as priviledged as you to have smoked whatever Alice in wonderland bullshit that you smoked.

Let me know when your'e coming back to visit the real world.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I posted that sarcastic post above about her not working out and being overweight, but really I am posting that for all of us. We are ALL screwed, not just this lady. And yes, I do feel very sorry for her children and family. I'd hate like hell to know I had to rely on law as a career these days. I hope she is looking for work outside the law because even with a recruiter's help, "networking," etc., it's going to be very, very tough going.

Anonymous said...

Finally! Someone besides myself that makes sense.

4;09 gits IT!

We are all screwed. Leave law now. Law is most only for the Preferred, Protected & or seriously Connected! Get your heads out of your asses mud people! You overlords are sending the big "get the fuck out mud people" bat signal.

Leave law A.S.A.P.

Anonymous said...

re: 3:15PM.....You still do not get it dude. In two (2) years you will still be spewing your bitterness on this blog.

It is not news to anyone reading this blog that one is smart to leave the law, and smart to try something else.

Move beyhond your victim mentality and your anger. If you do, you might actually meet a wealthy partner, the type you posit are worthless human beings and she might support you. Heh, that is an idea. Then you'd rid of your anger and we'd not see it on this blog, in fact, you might go horseback riding instead, English style, not western.

Gesuz, your pain is causing me nothing but laughs. Give it a rest dude.

Anonymous said...

Tom --

Not sure you saw this, but your "Valvoline" Dean Hobbs of Seton Hall Law School is also apparently serving a dual role for the venerable Catholic institution.


No wonder their basketball program sucks.

Anonymous said...

"To allow other people's assessment of you to determine your own self-assessment is a very big mistake." Lee Bollinger- Columbia University president.

Anonymous said...

"After Harvard Business School said no, everything I thought was a crushing event at the time has turned out for the better." Warren Buffett- Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.

Anonymous said...

dental plan lisa needs braces

Anonymous said...

Golden Gate is a factory giving law degrees to foreigners who pay full.

Who is the idiot who keeps writing looooooooooooong comments?

Tom consider word limit in box!

Anonymous said...

$100K? MAybe! Fat and unattractive people have a tendency to be the worst supervisors. Hell mgnt loves them. They can be the evil twin of the boss. They do all his shit.

But, KARMA works. They are the first shit canned and the cute ones are kept in the end.

Anonymous said...

This link has more information about this story not mentioned in the original post.

Brian said...

And yet another victim of the Bush economy. Once we get rid of Bush and his fealty to Wall Street and Big Oil, the economy will recover, and it will be sunshine and lollipops for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Heather's linkedin page:
December 2006 — Present (3 years 4 months) [although she has been laid off since August]
Attorney Bemis & Associates (Sole Proprietorship)
(Sole Proprietorship; 1-10 employees; Law Practice industry)

The Dolan Law Firm
(Law Practice industry)
The Dolan Law Firm
(Law Practice industry)
Preuss, Shanagher
(Law Practice industry)
Preuss Walker & Shanagher
(Law Practice industry)
Preuss Shanagher Zvoleff & Zimmer
(Law Practice industry)
Long & Levit
(Law Practice industry)
There is something not right about listing multiple firms in the same 10 year span PLUS listing the same firm multiple times in the same time span. Why would someone do that when they want to network? Because they had a series of short-term jobs or projects with these places. A struggling mom with a professional degree with a stay-at-home dad is a lot closer to the middle-class fears.

Golden Gate-- It's like getting a credit card with a bad credit rating and then getting charged 29%interest on your credit card. There's a reason why you are paying more. It better be for the quality and not because you want to be a lawyer but can't get in anywhere else.

It sucks to be her family--and with 2 capable adults SOMEONE should be working somewhere.


Abraham Lincoln said...


I’ve started a blog for people to send in scanned law school employment statistic pamphlets/fliers they got with their application materials or that they find on the web, so we can study them and see if there really is any fraud/deceptive practices/deceptive lending going on, e-mail any such materials to lawschoolstats@gmail.com

Here’s the blog:

Spread the word, and thanks!

Private Investigator said...

Golden Gate School of Law, No way...

Anonymous said...

law ain't so bad. this site is all nags and moans. this school sucks, that school sucks, my job sucks, contract work sucks, this employer sucks, maybe those who complain just suck? i went to the lowest tier you can go and manage to still keep busy all week and bill 400 an hour.

most lawyers just suck at business. has nothing to do with anything else.

Anonymous said...

The homosexual panic with the male posters here is so obvious...

Will Robison said...

Wow... a lot of anonymous comments out there. Thank God we live in a country where you can open your mouth, make yourself look like a complete grade A asshole and moron, and do so without everyone knowing who you are.

I'm guessing though that the people around you, who see you and hear you everyday, probably know your little secret. That much stupidity and viciousness can't be hidden forever.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe there are so many who would not only form but actually espouse such opinions about a person and his/her entire life based on a few photos and an article of less than 700 words!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sad you spend time beating up strangers for finding themselves in tough times. I sure hope others have the same sympathy for you if you run into problems with your careers.

Anti Money Laundering said...

Human rights are not a privilege granted by the few, they are a liberty entitled to all, and human rights, by definition, include the rights of all humans, those in the dawn of life, the dusk of life, or the shadows of life.

Heather Tanner said...

This is me. I doubt any of you still come and visit this blog, but I do. I visit it once a year or so, and after reading all the comments I am torn between suicide and anger. I am probably one of the nicest people you'd ever meet. I would do anything for almost anyone. If I had a nickel and you needed it, I would give it to you.

I didn't start off my life to be laid off. I was raised by a father and stepmom who were very busy working, trying to make ends meet after my mother got sick. I started working at 14. I worked very, very hard.

My parents couldn't afford college, so I went to a state school and paid my way through. I worked as much as I could.

I took three years off and then went to Golden Gate University so I could go to law school at night. I worked hard - working a full time job during the day and going to school at night. I was a TA, a mentor to other students, and I helped anyone who asked. I managed to stay on the Dean's List almost every semester and graduated in the top 1/3rd of my class.

I had a job waiting for me when I left law school. I passed the bar on my first try - after taking 6 months off to have my first kid.

I worked for two people who were very abusive and I couldn't make myself stay anymore. I started my own contract firm, which made enough to support me and my family.

In an odd coincidence, I was hired full time for a firm that was just starting out. It was 2008 and the attorneys had a solid plan and were jumping from a well-established firm with a book of business. This was before AIG collapsed.

With my job, I maintained my side business for a year. I wanted to pay off my student loans and start saving for a house. I also had college to think of for my kids.

Things were going so well. I had a job I loved and I was really good at what I did. I got to help people, and no one in my firm wanted me to be an aggressive stereotypical female. They loved me because I was smart, honest, fair and loyal.

I even started working out. I had a gym membership and I went 6 days a week. I lost 90 pounds and I was training for a marathon. I wrote my first novel. I volunteered at my kids' school and I had some great friends.

I was not give any warning of the impending lay off. I went into work one day in August and was told that the firm was shutting down that day. I was handed a check, things were put in a box for me, and I was given Cobra instructions. I had health insurance for 3 more days and my pay only covered that month's rent.

I thought that was the worst moment of my life.

It's hard to feel like you have a purpose in life when everything you thought was important is taken away from you. I had no identity anymore. People had all kinds of thoughts about who I was as an unemployed person. Lazy. Freeloader. Mooch. Criminal. Welfare defrauder. All I wanted - all I've ever wanted - - was to just go back to work and be me.

As for the article - - well, I thought I was helping other people. I thought it would help people to know they weren't alone. Instead, I got to feel even more alone.

I'm sure many of you have never thought another minute about having written the things you did here. I'm sure at the time you thought they were funny. Or you were fed up and frustrated.

I thought I would tell my side of the story. So, someday, when my kid decides to google himself or his mom, he'll know the truth. In case I'm not around, I want someone to know that I was a good person. I never said such hurtful things to anyone. Not even after I read all of the hurtful comments.

I could never be so mean. It just makes me sad. I'm sad for you. Mostly, I'm sad for all the things I hope my kids never read about their mom and dad.

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