Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Law School Fraud - Georgetown Gaming the US News Rankings

"Well here's one way to boost your postgrad employment stats, I guess - presumably the fact that the university is funding these jobs itself doesn't count against them in the US News Rankings...

-----Original Message-----
From: Sophia Sim
Sent: Mon 1/25/2010 4:42 PM
Subject: short term alum position in Admissions

Dear All,

I hope things are going well with you. I'm contacting you to see if you are interested in a few newly created positions here in Admissions. We are looking for 3 recent alums to help us with the scholarship process from start to finish-this will involve responding to requests, reviewing several hundred applications, interviewing finalists and meeting with prospective students. This is a new hugely expanding area for us, and, frankly, we've been inundated with requests this year.

These full-time positions will begin 2/1, a week from today, and end around 3/12. The pay is $20/hour. If you are interested, please send me your resume as soon as possible at sims@law.georgetown.edu.

Incidentally, we received your name from OCS that you are still seeking employment-if this is incorrect, please let me know so that I can update their records.

Warm Regards,



Anonymous said...

Georgetown is one great big TTT. So many Georgetown coders scrapping for 25 an hour coding gigs in nyc/dc.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see them stashing grads at the 9 month mark. How much you wanna bet they are classified as "full time" and legal field employees?

Anonymous said...

They will placed in the "academia" category.

Anonymous said...

Yeah my LS had a couple of former grads working in the front office as tour guides for visiting prospective students. It was a good rotating position to pad those stats. Of course, when I reported myself as "unemployed," they just lied and listed me as employed. Gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

And yet, the ABA refuses to regulate this cesspool of fraud.

Esq. Never said...

Ah, glad they're on the ball for the 9 month NALP survey. "Why, of course, we have 100% employment at 9 months out...10 months, not so much."

Anonymous said...

They will dump these administrative temps once they get their employment numbers in.

Anonymous said...

$20/hour is not enough to live on in DC - it's a clear attempt to get the biggest bang for their administrative buck.

Anonymous said...

My favorite gem from L4L:

"Consider the typical, hapless TTT law school grad: First she invested 100 K in a worthless undergrad degree like English Lit or Poli-Sci, then compounded this initial mistake by piling on 120 K or more in non-dischargeable law school loans, bought hook, line and sinker the materially fraudulent salary stats of her law school, endured the BarBri blather-thons, walked the hot coal hazing ritual of the bar’zam, and now finds herself coping with $1500 a month loan payments and a total lack of job opportunities. It’s a familar disaster. Like the Mountain Climber game on The Price is Right, she yodeled her way up the debt mountain and has now fallen off the cliff. Yo-da-le-hee-hoo! Thanks for playing! Even document review, the perennial “parting gift” of the law school also-ran, has now been shipped off to India."

Anonymous said...

What's a recent alum?

Sonia said...

A recent alum is a grad from the class of '09. Career rankings are probably due in the next several weeks. They would never hire an old goat like myself. Just a pathetic attempt to pad the career numbers.

Anonymous said...

No subtlety at all here. She admits the connection between recent grads currently seeking employment and the email offer, and then attempts to collect favorable data in one fell swoop, on the off chance that there is any.

Anonymous said...

Attorney job in Miami offering 15 grand a year!

Nando said...

It is all a big numbers game. And this allows the schools and the GAO place the blame on US News & World Report. Yes, apparently it is the fault of a magazine that so many law schools MUST doctor their employment and salary figures!!

It is also the magazine's fault for skyrocketing law school tuitions(!).


What horsecrap! Evidently, those with the intention to deceive/misrepresent themselves are off the hook - so long as they are law schools.

Anonymous said...

Have no fear, Barry is about to ride in and protect you. You will be handed a lump sum for pumping out additional babies, and you will be granted a golden student loan forgiveness star for having attended Cooley. God Bless America.

Anonymous said...

$15,000 a year for an admitted lawyer.

Fuck this gutter profession.


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon,
Diamond Personnel is currently looking to staff a document review with the following requirements. If you meet these specifications and are available to start an assignment on February 1st, please respond ASAP with a current resume and description of any relevant work.
Candidates for this review must be admitted to practice in New York and have worked on a single securities document review for at least six months. Pharmaceutical document review experience is a plus.
Start date: February 1st. 2010
Duration: Approximately four months, although could be longer
Rate: $32/hr.
Hours: Minimum 50 hours a week
Location: Downtown Manhattan
Thank you.
Matt Abgarian
Legal Recruitment Specialist
Diamond Personnel
phone: (212) 631-7520
fax: (212) 631-7538


We are currently staffing a document review starting this Friday, January 29th.

Here are the details:

Start Date: Friday, 1/29/10
Expected Duration: 3-4 Weeks
Location: New York City
Rate: $40 per hour
Requirements: - Must be admitted to practice in at least ONE U.S. JURISDICTION.
- At least one year of document review experience is required, or 6 months on a large document review project.
- Technology/science background STRONGLY PREFERRED.
- IConect software experience strongly preferred.

NOTE: Interviews will be conducted on Tuesday & Wednesday.

If you or anyone you know is interested in this opportunity, please email your resume ASAP to Leyda Mata: lmata@peakorg.com. Please make sure to include any Tech/Science background you may have as well as any IConect software experience.

Please refer to the "Tech Doc Review" position in the subject line.

Anonymous said...

Do NOT - I repeat - Do NOT work with Diamond. They screwed me over so badly last time. For FOUR days they kept saying the project would start the next day - and it DID NOT. I lost other projects because of them -- work with them at YOUR PERIL!!!

Anonymous said...

Why did you turn down other projects with other agencies while you hadn't started working with Diamond yet? Words are very cheap in this business. Shame on you for being so foolish.

selling my jd said...

click..click.. coding and paying some bills.. click.. click.. postings by temp agencies are fraud... click.. click.. pain in shoulder.. click. click.. this associate thinks this babysitting gig is torture.. click.. click.. just bill and collect the benefits and bonus.. click.. click.. click.. is it better in India or Dubai...??

Anonymous said...

Yes 6:09 you are very correct. I am sorry I was a true fool back then. But I have now learned a lesson after the Diamond Whores [they are all like the Jersey Shore characters - totally idiotic and tacky and greasy]. This one guy had so much cheap hair gel I felt nauseous in his Guido/Juicehead presence. These people have no class, no dignity - and people like us with the class and education and dignity are at their mercy. I am getting out of this creepy business. I don't need to be treated like shit by a bunch of people who I wouldn't hire to pick up my dog's shit. Let alone "recruit" me.

I should be recruiting them for finishing school.

Anonymous said...

I want your psycho
Your vertigo shtick
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Anonymous said...

GeorgeTTTown is a diploma mill, albeit one with high admissions standards.


2009 Entering Class:
Enrolled Full-time

Enrolled Part-time

They graduate around 600 new JD's a year!

Most TTT's have between 240 and 300 students per class.

Anonymous said...

ROFL. You are very right. Snookie would fit right in within these staffing agencies.

Anonymous said...

i use to do this job when I was doing work-study as an undergrad. Great to see that they raised the bar on who qualifies to do this type of work. That's georgetown for you, always raising the bar. Way to go georgetown! what next? You need a PhD to scrub the toilets? That's georgetown for you! Way to go georgetown!

Anonymous said...

imagine having to wake up every morning to go to this "job" especially when everyone thinks you're going to be a big shot, high powered attorney. I wonder if you even get your own office or if you even have to pass the bar for this shit opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Georgetown......another overrated cesspool. The worst students there craving the prestige of being a "Washington insider".

Watch out for Yorkson fake job solicitations. The latest supposed pharma job in New Jersey, shit pay bring your own car.

Anonymous said...

Helene Diamond invented the word "lie".

Anonymous said...

You seldom meet Georgetown grads at the big law firms. Reason? It is TTT, but also their students/alumni are very self-centered Washington insiders. Want to be better than the guy sitting next to them.
Unlike some TTT schools in Texas where they have an old boy network & will at least help their grads get a job (locally).

Regarding the jism on the phone I have said before I am willing to do anything even "work" my 45 year old bod on the partner's bed if it means steady money for me.
I have lost all pride.

90% of the solo small firm gigs the most important thing is T&A. They rotate new T&A in every 1-2 months after they get bored & need new action.

Anonymous said...

As Bugs Bunny used to say, Georgetown has Prestiggy!

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:43 - if you're not already a Washington insider when you enter Georgetown, good luck getting a job in DC that isn't dick review at $25/hour.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Sophia - what exactly does whether I am still looking for a job have to do with the "need" for a few people to help out on a temporary basis in the Admissions Office?????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

GULC Haiku

Third-tier toilet schools
Think we're all wine and candles
But we're just like you!

Anonymous said...

At first I was like hiring three people isn't really going to put a dent in your stats. Then I noticed this; the margin is pretty thin on the 9-month employment snapshot, and GTTTown is rather low on the list:


Anonymous said...

Hey I go to a 5th T unaccredited law school!! So it could be worse. This after a year at Cooley, which didn't transfer. I am now paying 4 k a year now so it worked out, I guess. :)

Anonymous said...

Georgetown is still a T14, so it carries some prestige. What does that say to all the schools below that? Honestly only the top 8 are worth anything, and maybe UTexas because of the network they have and the lower costs.

TTT used to at least not include the top 20 overall, but now I think it's safe to say it's pretty much anything outside of 8-9 schools. The well known tip of the elite iceberg as well as UT.

Anonymous said...

Georgetown University Loan Center

Anonymous said...

Yeah you said you was high-class, but that was just a lie/You ain't never killed a rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine

Anonymous said...

2:49 is right on the money. I have met many sleazy solos/small firms -usually they are very lonely and don't get that many people - plus there isn't all that much staff they are are accountable to. They are definitely into T&A and trying to get some nookie - even the ugly nerds. Poor bastards - 2:49 good luck with trying to work your 45 year old bod into a partners bed. I hope you land a big fish...giiiiiirrrrllll!

Anonymous said...

My unemployment benefits are due to expire soon. I may not be eligible for a new claim but still have some weeks left on the old one. Will I still have to file a new claim - and will I still have to wait a week? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Reginald Hollingsworth Winchester Breckinridge IV said...

"Yale or Fail!"

Anonymous said...

i doubt they will have a dental plan with their benefits, and lisa must go without her braces once again.

Anonymous said...

This is even more sinister than I thought. Anyone who fails to apply for this will probably be considered employed for the purposes of the stats, on the theory that no one actually looking for a job would pass up the chance to apply for this hogwash.

Anonymous said...

There is a perpetual and sometimes vicious class war in the small town where I grew up (actually it's rich kids dumping on the poor and never the reverse). The only comfort in any of this is for the kids I knew who went to vocational school and were thus mocked and labeled "scrubs"... they are all well-employed now and wealthy to various degrees (no pun intended). I am happy they are doing better than the right-track kids who looked down on them.

Of course not every "prep" teased them, but they were quite unanimous in their pity for anyone not planning on college.

Anonymous said...

You'll love this article: Law School Rankings Reviewed to Deter 'Gaming', Wall Street Journal


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