Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Outsourcing Cheerleader Crew

Someone sent me the following link from Susan Cartier Liebel, wanting me to respond to some hit job offered by an anonymous contract attorney criticizing the "victimization" mentality offered by this and the "Big Debt Small Law" blog.

Frankly, I see no need to respond to the Susan Liebel, Carolyn Elefant, and Lisa Solomon crowd. Responding and arguing with those hacks would only provide them with greater visibility to sell and tout their worthless books and online solo university seminars. This blog generates ZERO in terms of ad revenue, and frankly running it has become more aggravation than it is worth. Take from it what you like.

"In case anyone fails to feel their full measure of shame over unemployment, there is an entire shame industry to whip them into shape: The career coaches, self-help books, motivational speakers and business gurus who preach that whatever happens to you must be a result of your own "attitude." Laid off and coming up empty on your job search? You must be too "negative," and hence attracting negative circumstances into your life. To paraphrase one career coach I encountered during my research for Bait and Switch: We're not here to talk about the economy or the market; we're here to talk about you.

Shame is a potent weapon, but it should never be used against the already-injured and aggrieved. Instead, let's turn it against the aggrievers: Shame on Ford and GM for putting all their eggs in the SUV basket and then laying off thousands. Shame on the CEO's who make eight-figure incomes while their lowest paid employees trudge between food banks. Shame on Congress for leaving us with an unemployment insurance program that covers only a little more than a third of the laid off."

- Barbara Ehrenreich


Anonymous said...

Hard working domestic helpers to help you with the tedious home cleaning and other household chores.

Interested person will be ready to assist in the cleaning of Kitchen cabinets, toilet, sinks, wall decorations and picture frames.
Must be ready to assist with the laundry too.

This is a part-time job.
This is a contract job.
Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
Please, no phone calls about this job!
Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

Anonymous said...

Up to $12/hour!
We are a telecommunications distributor with a fun team oriented atmosphere. We are looking for a conscientious, motivated, hard working, multi-faceted team player with the ability to multi task and pay attention to detail. This is a great growth opportunity for the right person. Applicants must have prior warehouse experience. The company offers the benefits after 3 months.

Primary Responsibilities include;
• Shipping, receiving
• Order picking
• Cycle counting.
• Load and unload trucks
• Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
• Basic computer skills (Quickbooks a plus)
• Ability to lift up to 25 lbs.
• Manage inventories.

Secondary responsibilities include:
• Shipping administration: maintain shipping and receiving records.
• Organize and file shipment paperwork.
• Maintain packaging materials levels
• Understand procedures and methods when working with fedex, dhl, ups and usps
• Other tasks as assigned by supervisors

Other requirements
• Clean driving record required as some pickup and deliveries may be necessary.
• Strong attention to detail.
• Must be on time and reliable
• Must apply in person. (e-mail for directions)

Location: Bohemia, NY
Compensation: Salary: range from 10.00-12.00 per hour

Anonymous said...

PAY RATE: $13.00/HR



P: (914) 347-2400


Anonymous said...

Tom: Ignore these three bitches!

Women = selfish bitches (except for the temps they exploit).

Don't even waste your time to answer them.

I hope they get kidnapped like Daniel Pearl and their throats slit on the Internet. They are the blood suckers of the earth, along with Helene Diamond the Bitch!

Anonymous said...

Gloria Allred quotes:

“What pregnant woman do you know that would be fine with her husband having a girlfriend? Who is he kidding?”

“Some were told that the reason they had to stand in a particular spot was to make sure that construction workers passing by the trailer would not be able to see them.”

“We think these women had a reasonable expectation of privacy. It's against the law in California to secretly videotape employees while they're changing clothes, and there's no exception in the law for Hooters.”

"The more I know about men the more I like dogs.”

Anonymous said...

Carolyn Elefant's book is $45.00? You have to be kidding me. No wonder she wants all the document review work outsourced to India! All the desperate unemployeds will be lining up to learn her secret nuggets of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

They can suck my dick!

skinny phoenix girl said...

tom, don't give up.

If you must, then shut off comments. Also, you may be able to get some of us to moderate your comments, if that is the problem.

Don't try to do too much. Go at this thing slow and steady.

And I agree with your take on the people you cited. Instead of trying to launch these ridiculous businesses, they should be spreading the work about the saturated nature of the legal industry.

Recruiter said...

My favorite quote from Ms. Elefant,

"The bitter contract lawyers ranting about how horrible their jobs are now won’t have anything to complain about in a couple of years, when there are no contract lawyer jobs left."

What a sharp wit! She demonstrates exactly the kind of mentality that we are lookiing for around this agency. Too bad she is so homely looking, or she could work here. Maybe if she dons a tight mini-skirt she can go work at Update. Update is always looking for ugly skanks with a bad attitude.

Anonymous said...

Recruiter do you work for Update?

Anonymous said...

I hope Carolyn Elefant is killed by a drunk driver on Christmas Eve.

Anonymous said...


“Moreover, is the ABA’s job to ensure that legal rates stay as high as possible? Seems to me that the ABA should also come up with ways to help keep the law affordable.”

How about finding a way to keep LAW SCHOOL affordable?

I can’t be the only person who got sick of hearing $100k+ Professors banging on about “public interest” and “justice and equality” and urging us not to “sell out” when they charge $44k a year for tuition and raise tuition 5k every year.

The AMA does a good job in restricting the number of medical schools. The ABA accredits any old garbage……

People are now waking up to the fact that most law grads are not going to make enough to pay off $150k in student loan debt, 100k of which will be private loans at high interest, and do the things that normal people want to do:

1. Buy a house;
2. Have kids;
3. Live in a decent school district; and
3. Take a nice vacation once a year.

I am sick of hearing people trying to paint law grads as people who though they would walk into six figure jobs, live in a loft in Tribeca, while drinking champagne and eating caviar.

If the ABA is not going to regulate the profession what purpose does it serve?

Anonymous said...

Can't say it any better 4:16.

Unknown said...

This is one of those "I didn't say anything until they came for me" things.

Would be lawyers are getting upset now that outsourcing is affecting them. Where was the outrage when the Clintonistas starting throwing down trade barriers and CEOs began outsourcing our manufacturing base?

Nobody cared when the $30K a year factory schmuck lost his job. It was only natural that the worship of the corporate bottom line would be felt by everyone.

But by all means, continue voting for Republicans and Democrats who argue for what they call "market efficiency."

Anonymous said...



CLASSES OF 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006





beerguzzlingtemp said...

There is no money in private solo practice. My clients claimed I didn't have the right appearance or bedside manner. Fuck em'. Women got themselves pregnant and then came to me to get childsupport from penniless guys. NOOO sympathy for you toots.

Anonymous said...

Beerguzzling, you forgot,


Number 666 said...

Wow. Another bunch of people out to swindle those who have already taken a beating, but with finger wagging tossed in.

oh well, underemployed contract lawyers can't afford to pay the fees for that "University" so I guess it's okay to denigrate and insult them. Not like they'll lose any money, right?


Anonymous said...

4.16 here:

7.09 , with all due respect, the $30k a year factory worker does not have to spend $150k and jump through all sorts of hoops to put the widget on the factory good.

They can absolutely outsource legal jobs if they allow anyone to practice law with no law school, no bar exam and no CLE. That's fine by me. But you can't have it both ways, requiring US lawyers to go through long and expensive training and then outsourcing their jobs to India for the sole reaon that it is cheaper.

If ethics, and regulation of the profession are so important that most states require that you have to graduate from an ABA accredited university to even sit the bar exam, then how can the ABA then justify the outsourcing of jobs. Either regulation, standards and ethics are important or they are not.

You are comparing apples and oranges.

This is one of those "I didn't say anything until they came for me" things.

Would be lawyers are getting upset now that outsourcing is affecting them. Where was the outrage when the Clintonistas starting throwing down trade barriers and CEOs began outsourcing our manufacturing base?

Anonymous said...

sothat dickhole complains about peoploe and tkhe people that complain about poeple? Fukem.

Unknown said...

I think it is deplorable that Lisa Solomon, Susan Cartier Liebel and Carolyn Elefant are cheerleading for outsourcing.

Anonymous said...

Disagree. Where is it written that life is fair? I'm serious. Because someone chooses to incur $150K in debt in the hopeful expectation of a high paying job requires that society provide it?

I'm a practicing attorney--don't get me wrong. But look: one of the things we learned about the Industrial Revolution was that a lot of fairly privileged guildsmen saw their livelihood vanish or shrink. They may have spent years learning their trade. And then, changes in the marketplace made their trade go away.

It's tough. But it's not unfair. It just is.

It's also apparently the way of the modern world. Doctors, who thirty years ago would have, on a bad day, had to deal with such weighty decisions as to whether to buy a Cadillac or a Lincoln(OK, I'm getting a little flippant, as well as dating myself) now must contend with insurance companies, substandard reimbursement, HMOs and, sometimes, a lot of competition from other doctors.

Notwithstanding the AMA, I don't think it's going to get better. The dispersal of medical knowledge and information has already eroded substantially the doctor's "black box" of knowledge.

For those of a certain age, many used to regard doctors as all-knowing, all-purpose advice-dispensers--"hey doc, yeah I've got this bunion, but my wife is also dragging me down, and what do you think I should do, Dr. Welby?" Now, they're just well-educated people who run around in white coats and, as frequently as not, are assholes whom I wouldn't trust to tell me when to cross the street.

The auto workers who reasonably thought thirty years ago that if they put in the time and acquired seniority, they would effectively be guaranteed a good income and lots of bennies found out that that is not so. They may have taken out mortgages, and sent kids to college, in the expectation that what they knew in the past would continue. But it didn't, and it doesn't.

The only ones still making out like bandits are Goldman Sachs and their ilk. I can't see that going on forever either.

Anonymous said...

More mainstream media coverage.


beerguzzlingtemp said...

Lets respect, today. .. A true American hero. Teddy Kennedy. He could out drink even me. And fucked premium women. He wasn't fucking the ugly lard asses on the doc review jobs. He fucked premium women. God Bless. And he drank up a storm. Plus, God gave him money...millions. He wasn't convicted of manslaughter either... A real man I say.

Anonymous said...

This is a good blog. Don't give up.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the circling vultures trying to cash in on our desperation any more than anyone else, but I've made a resolution. If I'm on a sinking ship with no rescue in sight, I'm jumping off the side and swimming for as long as I can. I'll probably drown either way, so I might as well be nice and worn out.

I am currently employed full-time on a project that is winding down. I qualify for unemployment, and I plan to take it. The Department of Labor has a program that a few states (including Maryland and New Jersey) participate in that allows you to keep your full unemployment benefits while you attempt to start a small business. I did the math, and I can rent an office in an established practice (small town, my home town) and obtain everything I need to get started for under $6000. Microloans are available in most states with little or no capital investment.

Do I have any clients or connections? Nope. Do I have much marketable, practical experience? Nope. I do know how to use the Internet, and I have no problem whoring myself around town.

After all, I've been whoring myself since the day I got licensed. I might as well cut out the pimp.

Anonymous said...

11:53- Keep your overhead low, and don't flush money down the toilet like at Solo Practice University. What a bunch of vulture con-artists.

happy Friday said...

good morning document review attorneys,

If you are fortunate to be working today realize that this may be your last day of work for a long long time. How do you want to spend it and be treated?

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up, asshole.

Unknown said...


With no due respect, I'm not comparing apples to oranges at all. The same market forces affect both the factory worker and the lawyer: slavish devotion to the corporate bottom line means outsourcing jobs to other countries, while the CEO/Partner of the Law Firm puts that savings right into his pocket.

And your argument smacks of legal elitism. "Yeah, well they didn't have to go to school and get loans to get that factory job." As the other poster countered, so what? They only invested decades of their lives at a machine to get seniority and get ahead.

The issue is the same: people need to make ends meet and feed their families. You'd rather have an 'us' versus 'them' mentality, and reason that they deserved to have their jobs go away, but you didn't, because you're an educated lawwwwyuh.

Well, on behalf of people that do all the hard work of the world that got outsourced due in part to the efforts of lawwwyuhs, get bent! The factory worker didn't have as much control over this outcome as the greedy lawyers did.

Anonymous said...

About 99 percent of the Earth's population needs to be wiped out by a superflu pandemic.

Unknown said...

You may be interested to know that the Bar of England & Wales just protected their lawyers by making it virtually impossible for US and other foreign trained lawyers to sit the QLTT conversion test to become a qualified solicitor. Previously you needed a couple of years work experiecne before sitting for the exam, now one of those years has to be under the supervision of a UK solicitor….you can see how hard that would be if you lived in Aus or America.

They saw that all these foreign qualified attorneys were getting in through the back door and they put a stop to it.

Anonymous said...

Dont quit man. We love you and we need you!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Beer Guzzler, please name some of the "quality" women Ted Kennedy banged.

As for this cheerleading squad, they only want everyone to set up solo so they you can hire them to do PR - isn't that what these broad do? Make their money advising you how to work solo? They sound lame.

Anonymous said...

OK, Let me get this right. This woman is telling us to start solo but CLOSED her own practice?? So that she could start telling others how to do well. Probably wasn't doing that well. Why else would you close a lucrative practice???I don't get it!!!!

Those who can't -- TEACH!!

Recruiter said...

Solo Practice University will go the way of the dodo bird. Do these chicks actually believe that elite law firm clients and in-house counsel are actually going to give work to a bunch of women with pig and elephant faces?

Anonymous said...

If I had a solo practice and was enjoying it and minting money - I WOULD NEVER CLOSE IT to teach morons how to start their own. Please, come on - and I have seen Solo Practice Univ. faculty - I know some of these people - not the brightest tool in the shed.

Anonymous said...

Why don't some of these ladies start by getting a hair cut??

Anonymous said...

Special Counsel (MPS) offers medical coverage. So does Hudson. But in both cases, it's not worth buying. The max in at least one of the two plans is $7500. What the hell can you get for that? Certainly not treatment for your MI. So while medical "benefits" might be nominally offered, it's not a substantive benefit that actually has practical application.

It's bullshit, really.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever visited a nude beach? Only ugly women walk around naked. Only ugly women teach you how to be a solo. Attractive women are off doing something more lucrative.

Anonymous said...

Recruiter - you're a pig.

Anonymous said...

About 99 percent of the Earth's population needs to be wiped out by a superflu pandemic.

About 99 percent of the Earth's population needs to be wiped out by a superflu pandemic.

About 99 percent of the Earth's population needs to be wiped out by a superflu pandemic.

About 99 percent of the Earth's population needs to be wiped out by a superflu pandemic.

About 99 percent of the Earth's population needs to be wiped out by a superflu pandemic.

About 99 percent of the Earth's population needs to be wiped out by a superflu pandemic.

Anonymous said...

I had medical coverage from Special Counsel. The deductible was $1500, meaning I could get insurance ONLY after I had spent $1500 from my own pocket. Fuck that - if I was ever that sick that I needed to spend $1500 I would shoot myself. I don't have that kind of money.

We all know the types of "benefits" we get from these motherfucking agencies. And as for building relationships!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha - I worked like a diligent mouse for Update for THREE years, did excellent work, and that's exactly what I thought I should build a relationship - but after the three-year project I got thrown away like an old shoe just because I got sick for two days on the next project!! That's how these cunts roll - we do try and build realtionships - they DON'T. After three years they should have know the kind of work I did and how responsible I was -- but they didn't. And that what's shocked me. They are all total cunts.

Anonymous said...

The health benefits are pathetic. The firms rather give half the money to some low life recruiter who hands out bribes to the HR staff.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to hear from Dave Moss.

Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion, it's about time Tom take his own suggestion and closes up the shop. This blog is more tired than a hooker on her 36th straight hour being pounded in the ass.

Bye bye Tom Tom! You've been outsourced!

Anonymous said...

Yea this site is full of tired trolls that need to off themselves..

Anonymous said...

We need to have moderators.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey Livingston is looking for Dutch speakers.

"Kelly Law Registry is looking for Temporary Document review Attorneys fluent in Dutch, assignment starts next week and is expected to last until December. Must be barred in a US Jurisdiction.

Please email your resume to

No Phone Calls Please"

If you happen to speak Dutch, take the project through on of the other agencies staffing it, not her. She is a two faced clown who talks out of both sides of her mouth. She jerked a large number of contract attorneys around for weeks earlier this summer.

Valvina Scissorhands said...

Fuck all of you, especially tightey whiteys. Look at me staright from the hood with my scissors, no law degree, just sucked Fig's dick and showed him my torpedo boobs, also gave cunnilingus to lady supervisors, am employed and making $90,000!! and cutting up people. Ya'll motherfuckers %$#@@*&^&%^$%$#@#(*&^ need to be hood, thug.

selling my jd said...

hey tom the temp:

you are the best. you speak the truth. please ignore the people who still haven't come to terms with the taste of the poison tea that is served by the legal profession. those who click for hours and day know you speak for all of us. please keep up the good work.

selling my jd

Anonymous said...

christie fat dumb cow Julian!

Hi you dumb fat cow!!!!!!

Anonymous said...



Helga said...

Life boats, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom, Don't quit. Before I came across your blog I was going crazy. I could not believe this system. But when I read this blog and saw that others went through the same shit as I did and felt the same it made a HUGE difference. I knew then I was not totally crazy and that it was the system that was fucked up. It really helped me take all this with a sense of humor - and also outrage, which is propelling me to start other ventures on the side. Please ignore the preachers - if they were all that, they would be practising and not dishing unsolicited advice.

Anonymous said...

Helga your website is very weird.

beerguzzlingtemp said...

10:57, Ted Kennedy was banging Susie Chafie for some time in the 70's. She is known as Susie Chapstick from her commercials. She was a skier. She rode his pole. The man was a freakin' legend banging broads.

Anonymous said...

Ted Kennedy was scum.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

I hate project dwellers...they should gass the hood..the final solution..then we wont have anymore public assistance..good riddance!!

Anonymous said...



CLASSES OF 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006






Anonymous said...


How about spoiled, arrogant, suburban white kids who spend hundreds of thousands of their parents' money and publicly-backed loan money on law school and then have to scrounge around for moronic temp work. . . should they be gassed, too?

Because they sure are an example of living off public assistance.

Anonymous said...

I like Helga's website. Interesting chick. Have the same expression everyday on my way to bullshit coding job. Everyday is Groundhog's Day.

Anonymous said...

I love coding. I make a good living and do interesting work. Sorry you don't like it, Babu!

This site has been hijacked by the LPO fiends like Rahul Jindal, David Perla and Marc Ross.

Tom, keep up the good work. I know it's not easy, but it is a Herculean task with which you've been charged. Hang in there and keep the wolves at bay.

We must end outsourcing of our career and livlihoods and return our jobs to America.

Anonymous said...

Axiom is a (bad) temp agency with lots of ass kissing.


Anonymous said...

Americans need not apply:

"A national staffing agency seeks contract attorneys, both barred and nonbarred, with foreign language skills for an upcoming major language project.

ALL LANGUAGES please apply. We are especially seeking candidates who are fluent in: Arabic, Farsi, Polish, Wu, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Russian, Portuguese, Bengali, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, Urdu, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Tamil, Javanese, Turkish, Korean, Telugu, Marathi, Thai, Gujarati, Polish, Kannada, Burmese, French, and German.

Please send resumes as a word document attached to your email and SPECIFY THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN where you obtained your language skills. Please also specify software capabilities in your resume, including any experience with Lexis Nexis as well as your familiarity with FCPA and OFAC. "

Anonymous said...

EP Dine aka "Frankendine", one of the most sleazy agencies, offered health benefits worse than anything on the Internet with no job. I couldn't understand why anyone would want this except for the pushy way EP Dine presented it and made it sound like such a good deal. They got big fat kickbacks from the insurer so it was another profit center for them. P.S. The Dine Group changed their people all the time and pays shit shit shit.

Anonymous said...

Tom you're doing god's work but if you quit I understand. Temp enemies the agencies, the fucking sleazy bars and ABA, and the law schools are like the mafia and will try to wear you down. So if you have to just shut down to preserve your sanity. you are taking dinner off the table of these fat cats and they would bump you off if they could figure out where you live.

Anonymous said...

Thank Edward Kennedy. Education for all has led to Sallie Mae for all. It sucks to be an unemployed doc reviewer, but just be glad you aren't Mary Jo Kopechne.

Anonymous said...

Don't be a victim!

For only $599.99, we teach you how not to be a victim, and how to generate positive thoughts that can transform the universe.

-Your friends at Solo Practice University

Anonymous said...

Is my web site weird?!? Guess I'm weird then. Oh crap, I forgot my login and password. Love, Helga

Anonymous said...

Susan Carter Liebel just deleted my comment.

Why was my comment censored?

"$600 per person for Solo Practice University? That is a small rent payment. People that are willing to pay that much for an unaccredited course are probably down on their luck, unemployed, and desperate. Lady, you should take a careful look in the mirror to examine the morality of what you are doing."

Anonymous said...

Oh Tom, is 3:03 kidding? Is somebody out to snuff you? If so, let me know and I'll take care of it for you. Love, Helga

Anonymous said...

EP Slime works with that outsourcing (with Indian and US sweatshops) provider called Huron (aka "Moron") consulting. They hire temps on supposed two week gigs, then send them home as soon as the docs run out. This can be 1 or 2 days into the project. They apparently don't care to judge the number of documents, but rather massively over hire temps. Many temps have been shuffled through their doors. They can shift the work out of NYC to other US offices or their outposts in India if the clients want to save money.

Sounds great, doesn't it? Talk about a race to the gutter. And you thought law was a profession for elites. What an absolute farce.

The hideous Huron Witch works out of the Park Avenue office, too.

It's a real shitbox, with two NYC outhouses, one in midtown and the other on Park Avenue South. They jerk the poor, money starved temps around like muppets.

Some temps get on their short list and work steadily for months, but the bulk are flushed away like used toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

Valvina Scissorhands cut her ex-bf's penis off with a pair of scissors. Sullivan & Cromwell rocks.

Anonymous said...

Helga has the best blog ever.

Nando said...

It is too easy to beat up on foreign lawyers from India or Nigeria. However, this is misplaced anger or one's xenophobia shining through. Direct your anger at the REAL PERPETRATORS of this scheme: Corporate America.

I hate globalization and capitalism, because these mechanisms allow greedy pig corporations to outsource work and make a financial killing. (And then they get to play us against each other, as if we created this damn sick system.) It does not matter if it is industrial or office work - the result is the same; a race to the bottom.

Anonymous said...

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I wanna code em' like the Nigerians do in Texas please
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Coding game intuition play the cards with S&C adulterous sluts to start
And after Clovester's been hooked I'll play the one on his heart

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Anonymous said...

"It does not matter if it is industrial or office work - the result is the same; a race to the bottom." 5:50 PM

Yes of course. The mega corporations control the sods at the ABA and biglaw. The average lemming lawyer is of little concern for these groups. In essence, we don't count. They want to cut as much in HR and legal expenses so those at the top can shovel more into their own accounts.

But make no mistake, outsourcing work to foreign lawyers is reckless and crazy. They're not even licensed to practice law in our country!

It's an abomination and of course it will end someday. But in the meantime, the useless, sleazy gutter scraping pigs like David Perla and Marc Ross are making their fortunes off the backs of third world workers.

It's just another wave of colonialism and exploitation of the third world. It's disgraceful and must end.

Not to mention all of the African American and other lawyers being disenfranchised by losing their jobs and ability to lead a decent middle class life.

Anonymous said...

ttt, don't quit without a replacement. Without this blog I will have to kill myself!

Anonymous said...

If you speak Dutch, avoid Kelly Law Registry and Lindsey Livingston at all costs. They screwed over a bunch of temps earlier this summer. Strategic and Hudson are staffing the same project.

Anonymous said...

"It is too easy to beat up on foreign lawyers from India or Nigeria. "

Hi, Nigerians!

This is the B.S. line the Nigerians try to give you to try to deflect that they steal jobs from Americans and undercut them on pricing and training.

This is like the Nigerian Internet scammers blaming the banking industry for their fraud!


Anonymous said...

Regarding your foreign language review my honorable sir, I am Nigerian and may I commend myself to you my kindest excellency sir?

I am fluent in more than 40 languages. Whatever review you are doing I can do. Because if I can do English jobs over these J.D.'s with my third grade education (oops, I mean highest baccalaureate summa honoroficus) I can do Spanish or Chinese. Wat dat?

My native homeland it is not true is home of crime, drugs trafficking, bribery courts, 80% lice infestation, and other disreputable lies about Nigeria all so untrue.

I can assure you we will give you the same warm reception James Bond is getting in Dr. No.

Rate - always negotiable ($2 less than local whitey).

I forgot to add you can get us to fill your minority quota without the demands of American citizens locals while we act like we are their friends and brothers. You see, we really are smart, and they are so dumm!

Anonymous said...

Another good thing about hiring Nigerian aside from our making your work environment like the Island of Dr. Moro (Dr. Moron?) - you never have to check out any of our inflated resume claims and records because it is too far away. Why headache yourself over nothing like this?

Meanwhile your New York Bar acts like an arm of our Nigerian government and brings down the axe on any J.D.s who make the slightest exaggeration.

Anonymous said...

The Nigeritards are very few in nyc these days. I have heard they are moving to india now, en masse. There just isn't work to support them the rates have dropped and hours curtailed.

Of course india is a very racist country that does not allow foreigners to work there easily.

Unlike the usa which lets anyone in, unless they try and do it legally.

Anonymous said...

All this hatin' on Nigerians is a proxy for the RACISM and RESENTMENT of spoiled, entitled, white, upper-middle class suburban kids who graduated from law school and can't find a steady job due to their own INCOMPETENCE.

Nigeria, as a whole, may be very far from a perfect country. Yes, it is the home of scams -- but so is the USA. Bernie Madoff? AIG bonuses? Enron? Trillion dollar bank bailouts? GM? Subprime mortgage loans?


Just another scam in a long, long line of American-born, American-bred SCAMS.

Anonymous said...

Sure the Nigerians are easy targets because there are so many of them. But I belivee the point is it is time for the New York Bar to reconsider the policy of making it easy for Commonwealth LLM's to sit for the bar when there are no jobs for American attorneys. Nigeria, Australia etc, who cares, make them get JD's if they want to work here.

Anonymous said...

The only thing wrong with the "who cares let them get JDs" attitude is that getting JD supports American law schools. The number of foreigners allowed to study law in the United States should be limited.

I agree, though, no more LLMs should sit for the bar NY. Most states don't allow this abomination, but NY the liberal paradise, does. This practice should be forbidden.

It's just another one of the scams and shortcuts that stick it to the rank and file American attorney.

The Nigerians and others are just gaming the system. It's time to end these practices

Anonymous said...

"Nigeria, as a whole, may be very far from a perfect country."

More shit from the Nigerians cursing the country (U.S.A.) which gave these low life ingrates so much.

Send them back to Nigeria.

All other African countries hate Nigeria. Not just American whiteys as you say.

I guess the other non whites love the Nigerians and appreciate them stealing the minority quota and pushing rates down, while breeding crime and slums in their communities.

Anonymous said...

"Sure the Nigerians are easy targets because there are so many of them. But I belivee the point is it is time for the New York Bar to reconsider the policy of making it easy for Commonwealth LLM's to sit for the bar when there are no jobs for American attorneys. Nigeria, Australia etc, who cares, make them get JD's if they want to work here."

You don't know much.

Yes Japanese, Australians, UK, and Hong Kong and Koreans take the New York after they do their LLM but NONE OF THEM STAY TO WORK IN THE U.S.
This is because they are smart and their economies are therefore strong.

The Nigerians are dumb and corrupt, hence their country is ranked worst in the world and 80% of their children have lice.

U.S. loses good quality people like the Australians and Japanese and gets stuck with the trash of the world, the Mexicans and the criminal/stupid Nigerians.

Anonymous said...

Re: LLMs taking the NY bar.

You may be interested to know that the Bar of England & Wales recently put an end to the same kind of back door short cut qualifiction to becomeing a solicitor in England and Wales.

They protected their lawyers by making it virtually impossible for US and other foreign trained lawyers to sit the QLTT conversion test to become a qualified solicitor. Previously you needed a couple of years legal work experience before sitting for the exam, now one of those years has to be under the supervision of a UK solicitor….you can see how hard that would be if you lived in Aus or America.

They saw that all these foreign qualified attorneys were getting in through the back door and they put a stop to it.

Anonymous said...

9:21 AM says (a Nigeria) that America has more scams than Nigeria.

Remember the FBI website. They have a special team for dealing with Nigerian crime.

This shows you how idiotic and America-hating the Nigerian LL.M.'
s are. After stealing from our country like the inate, genetically borm thieves that they are, they then trash us.


But they never will because this is just a little "number" they do for New York liberals.

Anonymous said...

Back in '06, I sat next to a Nigerian on one of these projects. He was flipping subprime mortgages at work.

Anonymous said...

It's true - only our country is stupid to allow these dolts to pour into our country unchecked.

The Chinese refuse to give the Nigerians any kind of Visa. They are flooding Guangzhou and trying to get a foothold there, but no luck. They are forced to squat there illegally and could be tossed out any moment.

The Chinese are smart enough to not let immigrants overwhelm their cities.

Anonymous said...

Nigeria is an oil rich nation. You got to pay to play. Show us the visas and give us the law licenses.

Anonymous said...

11:12 AM

You're perpetuating the GODDAM MYTH that only a Nigerian, or a black African, would defend Nigerians, or black Africans.

I am a WHITE AMERICAN, and I made the post at 9:21. I am a white American straight male attorney, working at a job that pays more than you'll ever make in the next 10 years, nephew!!!

And I made that post defending Nigerians from your vile RACISM.

Suck on my white balls, you piece of degenerate bigoted scum!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the stupid shit about Nigerians, blacks, ethnic yada yada yada - - it's the white guys at the top that make the policies - let's all work to identify sleazy agencies and recruiters. Thanks for the tip about Kelly - never liked them - but now will avoid them more~!!

Anonymous said...

If all these unemployed and unemployable LOSER suburban privileged white kids here who went to expensive-but-shitty TTT law schools and now have mountains of debt but they can't find a job because they SUCK, would just go back to school part-time and get a friggin' part-time job at the mall or something, then in about 3 years they could actually have a meaningful career in something that's in demand like Environmental Science or Management Information Systems or Government Procurement, or some shit like that, then they wouldn't be on here whining about how all the blacks from the jungle in Africa are taking their jobs!!!

Poor, poor privileged white suburban brats!!! Booo-hooooo!!!!

I weep for you!

Anonymous said...

Don't be swayed by this ruse. We all know that a few Nigerians working in NYC are not the problem.

The real problems, let's stay focused, are the ABA, the NY Bar the law schools, the outsourcers/LPO shills like David Perla, Marc Ross and other policymakers.

The Nigerians are just taking advantage of the system that allows them to game it.

Ultimately, we need to change the system. We should be helping those that do things the right way, instead of labeling them racists and throwing them into the gutter, to compete with unlicensed and under educated foreigners.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

While I have no love for Perla and his ilk, they, too, are simply taking advantage of system that allows them to game it. IF the ABA and the Courts put a stop to LPO's, there would be an end to the problem. Do we need the legal industry's equivalent of an Enron scandal to make this happen?

c julian is a cow said...

100 comments wow.


Anonymous said...

1:27: YOU TROLL - pull your stupid head out of your ass and go someplace else and spread your cheer. If we were privileged white suburban brats, we wouldn't have to work as temps. And we wouldn't have incurred debt going to a TTT because Daddy would have paid our tuition. WHERE DO THESE FOOLS COME FROM????

Anonymous said...


Tom, first don't quit. This is where we come to share/ask questions about temping.

One question/issue you should cover is: Sometimes when I am sent for interviews I am not given a proper job description. I land up at the place and find out either the job is totally different from what was told me or just half of it. I ask the recruiter for a FULL description beforehand so as not to waste me or the client's time.

But the recruiter often mumbles something and then adds no, no you are great for it. Sometimes I get the feeling they just want to send bodies when they have few applicants. Just to look good.

I not only waste everyone's time but also my money communting to far off places like CT or NJ, esp. when I am unemployed.

Maybe you should do a poll or write a post so that clients/law firms become aware of recruiter attitude and how sometimes they force totally unqualified applicants to go on these interviews.

Anonymous said...

I want to spend a few weeks in another state to look for work. Can I still claim NY State unemployment benefits? Thank you.

Suicidal Temp said...

Sigh...another Starbucks week. Is this economy getting any better?? Is anyone working a real job??

Anonymous said...

We need to close our borders ASAP..fuck the statue of liberty..we DO NOT want your tired, poor, weary, etc..what we need to do is be more like Dubai, they confiscate passports as soon as the illegals enter and force them into servitude!!! ehhh life sucks 2012 shall wipe the slate you want fries wit day?

Anonymous said...


We need to open our borders to Mexico... make North America like one nation... a North American Union!!! And the official language would be Spanish. If you don't like it, SUCK IT, ESE!!!!

Anonymous said...

in reference to the post 8:42 PM, although I have long spoken out against the bad effects of mass immigration from low wage nations, and I despise our politicians and our academic institutions from facilitating this invasion, at this point opening the borders to mexico, et al, might actually be a good thing.

The cheap labor invasion from mexico has caused wages to drop here in america, and it has caused white flight and raised real estate values in most large cities. It has caused many whites (the majority of america) to become more conservative.

This has been a bad thing.

But at this point, it might actually be better to open the border.

First, how many more can there be to come? Most of the mexicans who want to live here already are here. We might get another 10 million or so.

That 10 million might swing some states to blue/democrat, and that might break the gridlock/status quo that the upper class/corporations have on america. Gridlock is not good.

Also, it would ostensibly allow AMERICANS to go to mexico.

Mexico is very cheap, and large areas of it have california-like weather.

10,000 dollars goes a long way there.

Also, you can now smoke marijuana there now without being thrown in jail.

Anonymous said...

"And I made that post defending Nigerians from your vile RACISM."

As usual, not one FACT to back up what he is saying.

Just liberal self glorification. "I am so open and liberal. I am better than you."


Anonymous said...

10:02 PM you have a lot of good points.

No whites (especially the racist crying liberals) want to live or send their schools near the Mexicans or Nigerians. They're just phonies!

See me professor! I am saying how good Africans are! Wheeee! Give me a good grade.

Of course these liberals would never have a Nigerian over for dinner, and the facts in liberal New York show how segregated everything is.

Regarding Mexico and Nigeria this is two different things. I personally believe deep down many Americans don't mind the Mexicans that much because they are our neighbolr, they are religious and hard working, and they don't get in your face with their affirmative action bullshit. Hence no Mexicans in any law schools.

The Nigerians are a completely different story. They are international criminals, and cause huge social problems in the U.S. They steal our jobs and have a very bad attitude toward our country.

I would like the U.S. and Mexico to combine as with Puerto Rico for the win-win reasons you mention. Their values are similar enough. But fuck the Nigerians they are scum garbage and funnily,hurt the American black CITIZENS OF OUR COUNTRY more than anyone. The real racists and destroyers of our civil rights are the importers of this garbage.

Anonymous said...

I am white I pay more taxes than all of you, read New York Times weekend edition like that TV ad, and member of country club, I love Nigerians. They are very nice. I like them.
So, you have to listen to me.
I am a liberal same as Wafen SS just goosestep behind me. I say what goes. If you disagree I dom't use reasons to explain myself, I say "you so racist!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

We be codin.

Anonymous said...

Yes if you defend the U.S., try to protect our citizens, and try to get a decent job without Nigerians flooding in, you are racist.

Forget the fact that none of these countries would allow Americans in to take away their rights and jobs, and they don't!


Anonymous said...

D00D, whatever you do, please keep this blog going as long as you can. To be sure, slick salespeople like Susan Cartier Libel will try to shout you down to protect their own revenue streams, but the reality is that you have an important message for consumers of higher education.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

3:53, Looks like you may need a psychiatrist, but probably too expensive for you since you don't have a perm job with benefits.

Anonymous said...

3:53 is indeed a half with monkey. She couldn't code documents with that mentality.

Anonymous said...

I have always been baffled by this blog. Did you all think law school was where you ride out 3 years and expect a fat paycheck? Just for attending school? Ok, I admit it. I did, too. I went to a TTT. But is everybody on this blog incapable of independent thought, to pursue other options? You are "surprised" when people game the system be it India, subject us to crap working conditions knowing we can't do anything about it, serve up crap pay, etc.? But that's America. That's what we do here. It is all (only) about greed, money, finance. The law is an ass and it is a commodity like everything else in this country. Look at who the freaking Founding Fathers were for God's sake. From those guys to JP Morgan and through today we knew that cheating, fraud, and swindle were the way to go. And "let's shit on all those below us who can't make it". With zippo government interference. We have no values, no morals. Only $ matters, absolutely nothing else. Yes, I went to law school like you did, got stuck in doc review, with 8 gazillion dollars in debt and said "ok, stupid me" and then I got disiplined and just networked networked networked. And I don't mean these toilet paper salespeople like SPU, and Lisa Solomon and Elefant. I did NY Times and the trade papers and web sites every week, calling everybody I knew, doing pro bono, etc. And, yes, I actually went to LegalTech. Twice. And man was it tiresome. But whine? WTF does that do? I am working for an EDD company now (non-Indian, thank you). Took me 1 1/2 years but I did it. Get out of the negative funk and the "let's bitch about everything" and just drop this whole "victimization" attitude and this whole "oh woe is me" stuff. No, it ain't easy. But the opportunities, chances, ability to reinvent yourself are there. But you have to work it.

Anonymous said...

every citizen of Nigeria should eb leading a comfortable life like they do in Kuwait or Dubia thnanks to oil. Yet the fast majority of te their citizens live in poverty while a few few at the top live like princes. Hundreds are killed every year as they try to siphon off oil from pipelines only to get killed in an explosion. They are the most corrupt people on the planet, with zero morals or ethics. The state of Nigeria tells you all you need to know about Nigerians.

Anonymous said...


As you consider the direction this country is going, how it is becoming a third world cess pool, research the 1965 immigration bill, and what "intellectual" circles were behind it. Kevin MacDdonald is most illuminating on this. Do this TODAY, on the 70th Anniversary when our Motherland--yes this country was founded as and was intended to be an Anglo-European nation, with a heritage derived from MOTHER BRITANNIA--instigated a fraticidal war that bled her dry, forcing her to import milliosn of fuzzy-wuzzies and destroyed the greatest civilization on Earth that ultimately served as the bulwark against Soviet ambiitions on all of EUROPA. Consider that those feldgrau columns that poured across the polish steppes--in the wake of legitimate territorial grievances--were fighting for OUR WESTERN HERITAGE.
In relation to this blog, consider that some forty percent of partners at elite law firms in New York and DC are Jewish. Consider that elite schools are predomianted by Jews because they have cornered a vastly disproportioante amount of wealth. Did you know that Sidwell Friends, where the Obama girls attend, is known as that pricey school where "Quakers teach rich Jews on how to be good Episcopalians."

Anonymous said...

Sorry what the Jews have achieved they do based on hard work and merit. Thank god they are in our country and contributing so much to it. Most charities are dominateed by Jewish donors look at the philharmonic and arts centers.

Did you ever see one Nigerian doing anything for society? Or Indian raghead? ha-a-ha.

The Jews can out-test anyone, the Nigerians are corrupt and retarded. They only get jobs due to black quotas in the U.S. snd the dumb American blacks OUR CITIZENS fall for this African brother bullshit and let them get away with it.