Thursday, January 13, 2011

Columbia Law School PR Machine Kicks Into Attack Mode

Reeling from a recent New York Times article in which law schools were exposed for cooking the books and turning their graduates into lifetime indentured debt slaves, many of whom wind up in cockroach infested document review facilities (something we have discussing here for over five years), the overcompensated, pampered shills in the law school administration offices have finally gone into attack mode.

Columbia (via a paid schill named Steven Gosset, who has been harassing bloggers ever since the story was released) claims that Jason Bohn, a temporary document monkey who was featured in the article, received his Juris Doctor from University of Florida and not from Columbia. Never mind the fact that he indebted himself with two degrees from Columbia to the tune of $200,000. Because of Columbia, at current rates, which continue to drop precipitously due to the American Bar Association's recent decision to allow entry-level legal work to be outsourced to India, Mr. Bohn will have to work 600 hours a year in the cockroach dungeon (or even worse with that nutcase "Jolly" John Thacher), every year for the next 30 years, just to pay off his loans. Outside of those 600 hours, Mr. Bohn will somehow need to find the time necessary to dig up another full time job so that he can gain legal experience, pay rent, buy health insurance, and save for retirement. Frankly, if I were in Mr. Bohn's shoes, I would seriously consider booking a one way plane ticket to southeast Asia, or in the alternative, heading over to Home Depot tonight, purchasing some rubber tube and adhesive tape, and putting the garage door down.

Paid schill Gosset in his exhortations seems to imply that such a catastrophic situation would never befall a properly credentialed Columbia Law School graduate. T14 grads drudging away in basements in a temporary capacity for $33 an hour is sadly, no longer an uncommon sight. God help those now who are currently graduating from lower ranked schools.


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