Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Garden State's Rates Deflate!

This just went up an hour ago (1/21/09) on nj craigslist:

"Deflate the rate" comes to New Jersey! BTW, can anyone confirm that Barasso/Deloitte has cut the Westfield sweatshop rate to $25 for the incoming coders? Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse! Lady Barasso must address this immediately and reclaim the mantle of cheapest sweatshop operator in the Garden State from our new pals in Morristown!

This is great news for the Valvoline Dean Pat Hobbs of the infamous Seton Hall Unemployment Center. He's probably working the phones right now and loading Greyhound buses at Newark Penn Station to truck those grads up to Morristown, just in time to mention his "99% employment rate" to our pals at US News!

Do the math: 44 K a year tution at Seton Hall to scrounge for $25 an hour temporary doc review gigs with no health benefits or chance for advancement! Come on down.....


(By the way, this will likely be my last post as Tom is getting back from vacation soon and taking back the reins. It's been fun, coders! L4L


Anonymous said...

Aint no jobs in jersey, aint nothing wrong with slavery, least we had good food back then.


Anonymous said...

I have a prediction on law school/scam reform: the scam will worsen. Law school will become four years of study and the baby boomers will juice out more free work from "interns" to secure retirement. This will

Anonymous said...

well, I don't know how good the food was for slaves. Read Frederick Douglass's bio--the average slave on one of the really large plantations was almost always really really hungry, and their main ration for the day was one "ash cake." That is a cake of cornmeal mush put in the ashes of the fire to cook.

Anonymous said...

Anyone find out who's staffing this gig?

Anonymous said...

Those aren't bad rates for a New Jersey project, in this economic climate.

selling my jd said...

the practice of law is in trouble... click... click.. change that.. has been in trouble.. click.. click.. yawn.. green tea break.. click.. click.. hard to remember how to do critical thinking anymore.. click.. click.. hoping solo practice is the answer.. click.. click.. click.. yawn.. pass out.. click.. click..

Ruslan said...
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Anonymous said...

8:05 P.M.

Die in a fire, you worthless cunt.

Anonymous said...

L4L is the Nostradamus of coding and shitlaw. He predicted the current rate plunge dead-on just a few weeks ago:

Jubilee Now said...



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Where is everyone???
Is everyone working???
Does everyone have the swine flu???
Is everyone at Townhall Meetings???
Is everyone printing money at the Fed???

Whatzzzz going on??? Where is everyone??? Am I the only one sitting at home in my underwear eating rice and beans??? Whatzzz going on???

Capt. Long Dong said...

WAIT: Tom the Temp can afford a vacation! I guess it can't be that bad in coder land?

Anonymous said...


L4L announces his retirement and the TA:TSE heads back to its original self - serious comments combined with memes, random crap, and venting.

Love ya L4L, but your blog has its own style. Tom's has one too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - what the hell - since when could coders afford a vacation.

Anonymous said...

Please, write your state legislature, Congressmen, Senators, and even POTUS. This policy pressure needs to come from the top! Be sure to mention how much debt you have, your lifestyle (e.g., I cannot afford even a shirt and tie, I have a serious medical condition and cannot get treatment because I do not have medical insurance while my boss owns multiple homes, luxury cars and takes vacations that cost $20-$30k/each; my shoes are hand-me-downs from my grandfather who made $8/hour selling tractors with a 10th grade education, I wake up every morning thinking the better thing to do is organize a mass exodus of debt-ridden lawyers to an extradition free country or to join the French Foreign Legion ("F.U.B.A.R. for Sallie Mae, Direct Loans, and the bunch") and ways in which you were misled either by prior employers, law school recruiters and private lenders (akin to the Mortgage industry [cf. "Don't worry, you can refinance]").

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

E.P. Dine is staffing the Westfield project, and I believe one other agency also was staffing it e.g. HIRE counsel, now Mestel possibly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks l4l! Anyway the rate is dropping only because so much work is being offshored. They just package the service in bundles, commoditize it and ship it off. American attorneys don't even get a shot at most of the basic, first line work.

What's left is the more sensitive, complicated stuff. For how long, who knows. But it's clear that the powers that be want to cut out fat billing that used to go in document reviews.

What will third tier grads do when the doc review money is gone for good? It is slowly slipping away now, it's almost impossible to make a living anymore. At $25 per hour, you're better of just letting your loans into default and starting over in something you like.

Good bye middle class!

Anonymous said...

Puhleeze - who wants to work in Joisey with the Juiceheads???

Anonymous said...

It does indeed look like doc review is sinking nose down. Like the Titanic at 1:00 am, the bow is already submerged and water is cresting over the bridge deck. The few people still clinging to the stern know damn well the fate that awaits them. The doc review ship is doomed.

You have a rapidly sinking economy, better technology/software to cull the amount of docs, outsourcing, and a massive glut of recently admitted grads who will work for utter peanuts. Explain how doc review can survive all these factors?

Anonymous said...


aint no jobs in jersey

LISA 3:16

Anonymous said...

Blackman Kallick was shopping a project in Chicago entitled "paralegal review available for attorneys!" The project paid $21 an hour. Another Chicago gig was floating around today capping hours at 40. There is no way to make money doing this anymore.

Anonymous said...

Lisa still needs her braces

Anonymous said...

the vast majority of SHU grads get employed through the NJ stat eclerkship system which, unlike many other states, is exclusively aimed at recent law school graduates. This is how the employment rates at SHU and Rutgers skew high.

Moreover, if you ever thought you could skate by with a 3.3 or below at a school like SHU, you are a huge schmuck. These days, if you get below a 3.5, you'll be jobless.

--SHU alum, BIGLAW alum.

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