Saturday, December 15, 2007

Loyola 2L

The Wall Street Journal Lawyer of the Year nominations are up! Send a clear message to the snakes at the ABA by voting for Loyola 2L:

"L2L has brought attention to the systemic problems in law, from law school to law practice, to the rampant outsourcing of legal jobs and the miserable life in the large firms. The legal industry is beset with greed and dehumanization at every step. And no, it has not always been this way, there used to be a collegiality in the law. To be entirely focused on greed is unacceptable."


Anonymous said...

Who gives a fck?

Aren't you dipshits supposed to be "in combat" against those who "take advantage" of you? A/k/a EVERYONE????

Quit reading the Journal and get back to your platoons!!

The John Bungsolaphagus said...

Author: John Bungsolaphagus
Subject: Vote for Scott Bullock AKA Law Is 4 Losers!
Time: December 15, 2007 - 3:54 am

Ok, perhaps I am missing something here. It says vote for “Lawyer” of the year. While I am a huge fan of L2L it seems as though he is still taking exams in lawschool. Therefore, he is not, yet a lawyer. Therefore he is not, at this time, eligible for consideration for the esteemed title of lawyer of the year.

I think the more true and obvious “lawyer” of the year is the one called Scott Bullock, a.k.a., Law Is 4 Losers or L4L for short. He fired the shot heard round the world for all toileteers in the WSJ article about our job prospects back in September. That shot basically started what I have dubbed “The Toilet Rebellion” which now, thanks to the likes of L2L and many others, is in full swing as the sham of a so-called “profession” known as the “law” is getting exposed more and more on a daily basis. Scott Bullock is the patron saint of all toileteers….He deserves lawyer of the year!

For it is written, for it should be done! God bless.

Comment by John Bungsolaphagus - December 15, 2007 at 5:57 am

Anonymous said...

I agree - Bullock should be lawyer of the year. He was the one who came out publicly, helping to expose the law school trap into which many people have fallen. However, he was not listed as a choice on the WSJ law blog, so L2L was the best choice out of those provided. It's clearly a protest vote, and if you look at the wsj blog, the numbers are overwhelming in favor of L2L. There are perhaps more suffering toileteers than anyone had imagined.

Anonymous said...

Don't you have something better to do Scott Bullock? Or are you just using all the free time from your new electrician career to make posts about yourself? There wouldn't have been an L4L without Loyola 2L. Loyola 2L has been posting the truth for years now and he's finally getting some recognition.

Anonymous said...

Is Loyola 2L even one person, or is he some group concoction brewed up by some of you troublemaker bloggers? If you stopped causing trouble for the agencies and firms that are trying to employ you, maybe you would get ahead.

Anonymous said...

Who said anything about the agencies? Look at the blog post - no mention of temp agencies.

Why do you endlessy bring up silly red herrings? Back to work Babu!

Anonymous said...

when's the sick-out?

Anonymous said...

dec 25th. a-hole