Monday, August 21, 2006

Summer on the Anita Project

"Tons of gossip on the Anita project. One of the associates is dating a temp.

Tons of people axed.

Super Temp is gone.

Crops of other Super Temps popped up.

The A/C blew out."

-- Anonymous Source, "Fran": (Fed up - Really - Anonymous -Newssource)

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Anonymous said...

But more dangerous than the supertemp were the hate-filled mediocre to sub par temps who needed to gossip about everyone and used terrorist payground tactics to stay in the game. They accused one temp who was a mild mannered man who never spoke to anyone - maybe because he knew better - of being a social freak. He never hurt and said a bad word to anyone. For all who could see, he had his headphones one and worked very hard.