Monday, August 21, 2006

From the "Anita Project" Trenches: Fran's Live Report

Super Temp is back -- he's on another project, and he's got his eye on a Privilege QC Captain.

The associate is dating a girl who never spoke to anyone. She used to dress in cheap K-Mart low-cut tank tops until she started dating him - the best-dressed associate. Now she's getting preferential treatment, special projects; she comes in whenever she pleases, and she takes excessive breaks.

The associate was also flirting with another temp heavily, and there is speculation they were dating as well - I believe it's the same girl the Super Temp likes.

Crazy Temp, who allegedly slashed her bf's tires, is back to her antics again. It is widely known that she does not like black people and will go out of her way to get them all fired from the project. She's being courted by a tall and way-too-skinny guy that no one likes. They're perfect together.

Other romances keep popping up, but all the lovesick lovers are in denial.

"Galanzo," commented on in previous posts, is on the Anita project.

Do you remember "Ronald McDonald"? He replaced "Supertemp" when Supertemp left for the summer. He bosses everyone around like he's the coach of a football team. He even gets people to huddle.


Anonymous said...

Ronald got fired for physically "threatening" yoda. He was truly an emotional foolish clown. He did not work. Strutted around like he ran the entire project. Made one of the associate rooms his private office where he entertained his real boss, another contractor who got fired for starting what? Yes folks, another fight. This time with a contractor who did not want to get involved with a sordid scheme to get the priv captain fired.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the "boss" tep tried to physically attack that other contractor because the latter would not say that everyone hated the priv captain. Funny, because he presumably had been best buddies with the contractor and the priv captain.

Anonymous said...

There was a lot of back-stabbing on this project. But the project will be history soon enough!