Sunday, June 11, 2006

It Ain't Easy Finding The "Smoking Gun," When The Room You Are In Is Literally Smoking

Document Review involves the meticulous review of millions of highly complex and sensitive documents. Clients often pay top-dollar to ensure that their materials are being reviewed in a careful, diligent, and respectful manner. Unfortunately, in order to maximize profits, litigation profiteering middle-men often have cut back on infrastructure and other crucial essentials. In my opinion, conducting a responsible review under these conditions simply becomes counter-productive. Two examples from the "Anita" project are illustrative:

Every afternoon, thick, putrid, white smoke would emanate up from the deli downstairs. Scrambling to avoid the nauseating stench of decaying chicken-fat, people would work hand in hand to close several of the heavy, glass-paned 19th century windows.

The lack of adequate on-site bathroom facilities. Having two small, cramped air-plane sized restrooms for over 120 people is simply unsustainable. Many a time people have shot off the floor like rockets in an apparent mad-dash to relieve themselves. Some people have resorted to sneaking into the lobby of a hotel across the street in order to utilize their facilities. I started doing this myself when I found out that someone on the public internet terminal was researching on how to clear up a herpes and syphilis infection. Thankfully, after several weeks, project management saw the light and was kind enough to invest in paper toilet-seat covers.

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