Thursday, April 06, 2006

Eliot Spitzer: Your Former Employer Is Firing People For Talking To The Media About Work/Safety Issues

From a fellow poster:

Hello Spitzer campaign team,

There is an interesting discussion about Elliot happening at this blog, in the comments section: I really think that he should deal with the problem of horrid working conditions at Paul Weiss, his old firm, and large Democratic contributors. Temp attorneys {and paralegals, and other legal support personnel} have been {allegedly} exposed to fire hazards, racism, overcrowded work areas, low pay, etc. Elliot Spitzer should address this as our AG, but perhaps this problem could be solved if he just talked to the partners at Paul Weiss and advised them to improve working conditions for contract attorneys. {and paralegals, and other legal support personnel}. I apologize that I have to remain anonymous, but it is for work-related reasons. Thank you.

Yes, Mr. Spitzer. Your current office is granted with statutory authority to investigate these allegations. If you really cared about fhe working-class people in New York State, you would look into these claims of labor abuse and retaliatory discharge.


Anonymous said...

Eliot, Constantine, you did not leave your former firm in good hands. Anita is a disgrace,

Anonymous said...

Before I became a lawyer, I temped at Pfizer, and they put us in rooms with boxes stacked up to the celing with no shelves. They at some point had up to 15 people in these tiny rooms that would be the size of a bedroom at best, with wobbly boxes. Someone dared even mention "fire marshall" and he and his wife were fired that day, and basically everyone else was told that if you had any complaints with the working conditions, you should leave now.. Nice place... I eventually got fired because of my handwriting. Thank God!