Sunday, April 09, 2006


All has been quiet on the Anita project.

April has arrived. Three solid months of repetitive document review is beginning to take its toll. The psychological stress is slowly building. Document Review is psychologically stressful; anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying. I dare anyone, while reviewing thousand of pages of spreadsheets, to stare into a dim, luminescent screen for 1o hrs a day. It is made even more stressful at places, such as Paul Weiss, where you are forced to work 12 hour shifts in roach-infested basements. After weeks of being exposed to such soulless, mindless drudgery, people simply start to go batty. Obviously, some people are better able to handle this "stress" than others. One person who apparently buckled under the pressure was Claudia. After being on Anita's project since its inception, Claudia was evidently fired last week.

Claudia started exhibiting signs of a breakdown several weeks ago. People sitting around her noticed that she would spontaneously laugh out loud and repeatedly (under her breath) mutter, "shit, this shit, I can't take this shit."

Last week, Claudia's modest display of looniness exploded into a full-fledged case of paranoid schizophrenia. Apparently, the voices within Claudia's head caught wind of a large governmental conspiracy in which Anita, in conjunction with the document production company, the agencies, the law firms, and the United States Government were "out to get her." Claudia especially had it in for super-temp, whom she saw as being the mastermind behind the grand conspiracy. With arms flailing, Claudia would constantly chase after, hunt down, and curse out Anita, super-temp, and the first-year associates. I have to admit it was sort of amusing to see.


Anonymous said...

Claudia did have a break down but do not think that some mean temps did not push a couple buttons.

Anonymous said...

No, let me re-phrase. Two-faced temps. Dinosaurs.