Friday, August 06, 2010

Hunger Strike!

Release: Unemployed J.D. Begins Hunger Strike to Support Law School Transparency

On August 5, 2010, Ethan Haines, self-designated J.D. Class Representative, emailed an Official Notice of Hunger Strike to administrators of ten randomly selected law schools ranked in the Top 100 of the 2010 U.S. News & World Report's annual rankings. These schools were selected because they stand to gain the most from keeping the current rankings structure in place.

Below is a partial listing of recipients of the Official Notice of Hunger Strike:

1. University of Pennsylvania Law School (Philadelphia, PA)
2. Fordham University School of Law (New York, NY)
3. William S. Richardson School of Law, University of Hawaii at Manoa (Honolulu, HI)
4. Florida State University College of Law (Tallahassee, FL)
5. American University Washington College of Law (DC)

The Notice sets forth two conditions that administrators can satisfy to end Ethan's hunger strike. One condition is to provide written confirmation of their intent to cooperate with the Law School Transparency (LST) organization's information request regarding employment statistics. Ethan is not affiliated with LST, but is an avid supporter of the cause and intends to forward the compliance statements to the organization.

The remaining five law schools will be announced Friday, August 6, on the blog A Twitter petition is also circulating the internet in support of the cause.

Feel free to contact Ethan Haines for additional information.

Ethan Haines
J.D. Class Representative


brasky said...

I wish him the best and fully agree with his goal. However, I do not think this is likely to succeed.

Anonymous said...

The pigs at the school will not care if this schlep starves to death. US News ranking is all they care about.

Anonymous said...

Gandhi-like tactics aren't going to work. This guy is going to starve.

Anonymous said...

Finally, the movement has begun! Wake up lemmings!

Anonymous said...

He's going to eat, just on liquid diet. This means nothing. I doubt he gets a single response.

Nando said...

The schools will likely not respond. And they sure as hell will NOT provide accurate employment and starting salary figures.

Maybe, the diploma mills will tell him that they will provide accurate info. However, the schools would not want to admit - by such a gesture - that they have published dishonest figures.

I am skeptical. This could be a ruse, a fraud. The kid seems sincere, but if his name is out there, why not just come out and say, "I attended X Law School"?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You know whats funny? I am taking a survey for the ABA right now and they ask the question what type of job do you have now?

To show how out of touch they are with many of us who cannot find jobs, Contract Attorney or Temporary Document Review is NOT an option.

However, I am NOT employed is an option, which I checked because I am not employed. The next question asks "How many lawyers (including yourself) are employed by your firm or organization?" Zero is not an option. Only solo practioner and then a list of of 2-5 lawyers, ect.. up to 1000 + lawyers.

Its quite humorous that I answered unemployed and then they ask me how many people I work with in my organization.

I tried to leave a comment about Ethics Opinion 08-451 but they space for comments is limited to about two sentences worth and cut me o

I did give them the lowest rating for "helps lawyers compete globally" which was the only question really related to the employment situation most lawyers are dealing with.

A 1000+ lawyer firm. Just rich lolololol.

Ivy Temp said...

Good for Ethan! We could all use a hunger strike - especially sloppy saddlebag queens. It will clean out toxins and give him an ethereal radiant glow - right before summer is ending. Nothing works better for ones looks than a good old-fashioned hunger strike. So much better than sticking my finger down my throat...

Anonymous said...

Regarding the ABA survey, they probably meant for you to skip the second question if your first answer was unemployed. The way the question was worded, zero couldn't possibly be an answer because they asked you to include yourself, so the lowest number would be one. Though, they should've had a "not applicable" option or clearly spelled out that you should skip it if unemployed.

DLA Piper has over 3,700 attorneys.

Clifford Chance has 3,800 attorneys

Baker & McKenzie: "more than 3,900"

See here:

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

wow this dood is heroic. hope he doesn't injur himself or anything.

Chief Constable for the Area said...

Well, good luck to that guy. I'm sure that most of those people in academia are so out of touch that they don't have any clue as to what this guy is up in arms. Remember: The salaries tell us that there is a shortage of attorneys.

Anonymous said...

While well intentioned, this guy is more confused than a blind lesbian in a fish market!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Why those law schools? Where did he go to law school? Why not Harvard, Yale, Cornell? What about the larger schools that just give out law degrees?

It just seems odd to me. I don't support him. He needs to produce more information.

Anonymous said...

If you think the public is going to support this person, go to the comment section NYT's article that came out last week on outsourcing legal jobs to India.

The public thinks attorney's are paid too much. So, this stunt against law schools are misplaced. Educate the public about legal services.

Anonymous said...

If this outsourcing continues, very soon we will all be on involuntary hunger strikes.

Anonymous said...



Polyester Polly said...

Mistah Ethan - good fer youz. Do ya think you can enlist some of my Saddlebag Queen Temp Lovelies [pictures on my blog] in your hunger strike. Lawd knows these bitches need to go hungery - clients been complainin' about their asses and smells...detoxify these bitches....

Anonymous said...

I love these racist rants from ignorant rednecks with law degrees. Do you ever think your life could be so much better if you got help dealing with your racism?

Anonymous said...

6:28. No.

Anonymous said...

I think he selected those law schools because it was a random cross-section of all ABA accredited schools -- some from the Top Tier, some Second Tier, some TTT's, etc.

He could have probably sent the letter to ALL ABA accredited schools, but the problem with that is (1) postage costs; and (2) sending it to everyone would negate some of the effect and allow too many to ignore it, whereas sending it to a few casts a big spotlight on those few... especially when his health is in question. It casts these schools as complicit in allowing him to starve.

Anonymous said...

Well it turns out this was a hoax depending on how you define it. Ethan Haines is actually a black woman named Zenovia Evans. She went to Cooley and hasn't taken the bar.

Apparently she was pretending to be a white guy (not sure how you can assume skin color based on a name, but alright) and is not truly on a hunger strike as it turns out.

Amazing, admitting to dishonesty and still thinking you have a chance to pass a character and fitness exam later on...

More details here:

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Anonymous said...

Fat whiner apparently subsisting on smoothies. Not too different from a lifetime devouving value meal shakes if you ask me....

Anonymous said...

Question: What in god's name was the purpose of using a male pseudonym?

The entire exercise smacked of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I always say that the biggest beneficiaries of law schools are NEVER the law graduates, but the law firms and other employers of law graduates.

Another beneficiary of law schools is the faculty and the administration running the law schools.

In this capitalistic society, why would the law school industry in general make the law graduates the biggest beneficiaries, when the people running the law industry are law firms, employers of law graduates, and the faculty??

As a corollary, college education in the US mainly benefits corporate America, who are the employers of college graduates. Education in America produces workers for corporate America, not citizens for the society.

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