Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Working Professional Poor

The Offer:

I wanted to touch base with you and see if you’re available for an upcoming assignment. I have a client who is seeking 4 contract attorneys to work onsite in Bloomfield, New Jersey, starting next Monday, April 19th and I wanted to know if you’d be interested.

Here are the details:

Pay Rate: $22/hr – flat rate
Hours: 9am to 5pm (with 1 hour lunch break)
Location: Bloomfield, NJ
Expected Duration: 2 weeks

Please let me know if you are interested and I look forward to hearing from you!


The Response:


Sorry but that rate is rejected and, frankly speaking, downright offensive.Thats less than I pay my own paralegals, and even less than someone makes after graduating from Devry.

Low wages, a lack of hours, no benefits, ballooning tuition debts in one of the highest COL/taxed areas in the nation.


PropagandistHacker said...

Eminem says what I want to say to the law school cartel:


short version of the url:

Anonymous said...

I'd rather stay on unemployment. That isn't worth getting out of bed for.

Anonymous said...


$19K attorney position in SD

Homer said...

Dental Plan?

Anonymous said...

I am a barrister of the court from the great legal land and am most happy to gratefully accept your $22 position. You will not be disappointed with my knowing of things, such as how to bribe the judge.
Raeksha Coolidge, LLB,LLM,DDS
Member, Nigerian Bar Association, NY, NY

Nando said...

What a "prestigious, prominent profession" law is, right?!?! What other "learned professional" would shit himself for a chance to make $22 an hour - or $10 an hour?

Loopy Leader said...

I make $15 per hour as a "lawyer." SIGN ME UP!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes so prestige - you joke but work on a project and see how your co-workers fight to the death how going to law school was the right decision. Listen to what they say it all has to do with their big ego and looking better than other people.

This is confirmed by the Kaplan blog link to the right which says that no matter how bad the job market is law students are narcissists and keep saying "I am already committed to going to law school."

"I wanted to be a lawyer since I was 5."

"Just because it didn't work out for you doesn't mean this is true for everyone."

"The J.D. gives me an edge over the M.B.A."

"I don't plan to use the J.D. I will go into public interest work (note, no one ever does."

"It's good training and teaches critical thinking even though I don't ever plan to be a lawyer."
(Now how would they know this except mummy and daddy told them.)
Mummy knows best!

"It's the right step after having majored in Poli-Sci."
(translation: I wasted four years on a grade inflated shit degree I need something commercially valuable.)
(I need to undo the damage of my first mistake, the liberal arts B.A.)

Anonymous said...

Ya'll should just become recruiters.

Anonymous said...

Sonia spent her youth boozing it up at Studio 54 and sleeping around. She never saved for retirement and made the ill-fated decision to attend a TTT law school late in life. Why exactly should we feel bad for her?

Anonymous said...

Definition of Document Review from the Urban Dictionary:

Fate of attorneys who don't graduate from the top 14 schools or in the top 10% of their class if they are outside of the top 14 schools. You click on legal database software for 12 hours a day without being allowed to take breaks. It is a dead end job with no benefits or chance of advancement. Most law students are blissfully unaware that this world even exists, but once they graduate, they become slaves to the doc review mill.

Document review at paul weiss ranks just above getting third degree burns on 90% of your body.

Anonymous said...

Law school is a sucker's bet these days. Only a chimp would incure triple digit debt to go to some TTT dump.

I don't take jobs for $22 per hour. At this rate, you get what you pay for, desperate, lying schlubs that want to download porn all day on their computer.

I wouldn't want those desperate toileteers in my office. You need to pay at least $35 to keep the riff raff out.

Anonymous said...

11:22 a.m.

Right on mon!

Snuggie people, stop stop stop taking $22 rate jobs.

Just say no!

Yes I know the Nigerians and multiple job scammers will take it. "I am happy to accept your kind rate." Also the newbies just graduating who can at least say they have something to do.

But as 11.22 a.m. implies, there are temps and there are temps. There need to be some senior (mid career) qualified persons who know something to make the project float.

Bloomberg went from hiring people with expertise at $40 to the old Robert Half $18 per hour recent grads and illiterates. But they need to produce publishable work product and you can get much better work, faster, and probably save more l'argent in the long run by hiring senior experts.

Law firms and companies aren't that stupid. They know this. Effectively, what the agencies do is get a core of good experienced people and then pile on a lot of rubbish, newbies, and "diversity candidates". The latter get a free ride on the people with brains. The latter also will work for whatever the rate is, $10, $11.50, $5.99, two-for-one, green stamps.

Anonymous said...

In addition to the homeless person, can you add a picture of a hooker? I have previously written about my "experiences" at Brooklyn solo practitioners, where women lawyers are not hired for their J.D. or brains. Two other women in the office - the receptionist and secretary - had both been done, and done, and done by this fat balding slob and the receptionist was carrying his love child. I was told that women would "do anything" for this job even hook and the other guy said I was not bad looking and would not do bad as a hooker. At the end of my time there, I had such low self esteem that I actually considered it to be a compliment that this solo animal was attracted to me. At least someone wanted me for something.
So, I say why not a hooker picture because that's what we are.

Anonymous said...

That's why they love the delusional supertemp. Delusional supertemp will happily slave away for 22 bucks an hour and bring up the accuracy and document averages for the group, which includes a large number of incompetents and diversity candidates. Naive supertemp (which includes former staff attorneys at PW/SKa) all eventually get kicked to the curb with the rest of the trash.

Friend said...

It might be better to reject these things in a more polite style.

Anonymous said...

Right, no one is forcing you to work for a pimp partner or a below market wage. Gotta be a little clever to wade through the minefield of law practice in NYC.

Anonymous said...

12:08 I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I have read your stories. Same happened to me but not so bad. I feel for you. Maybe when you work for such solo trash you should wear a wire. Someone should report these miserable scumbags. Please start your blog and post about your stories. It may help other women. I am not even all that hot - so if it happens to me I am sure it happens to a lot more women. Good Luck.

Ivy Temp said...

$22/hour flat, ha, ha, it won't even pay for my botox injections. Who is this lady kidding? Maybe $22and hour is enough for her unkempt Joisey ass - but certainly not for those of us who have standards. Please don't make me vomit - although I could use a bout of bulimia to shed some pounds.

Anonymous said...

How can you wear a wire when your solo boss takes all your clothes off and throws you on his old desk like a blow up doll? Even if he didn't see the wire it would be covered in greasy body fluids and wouldn't work.
You are kidding yourself girl these guys have been getting away with this for years. When do you ever hear about them getting in trouble? They will say you were coming on to them to extort them.

That's the system in the solo world, ladies. Get used to it. That's also why not as good looking girls with a better education and skills don't get the job. Unless the skill is B.J.'s.

Anonymous said...

12:42: I need a higher offer for a polite rejection e.g. 30/hr. Jeannine Bell of Ajilon knew she wasn't acting in good faith and I think its about time that recruiters like her feel a backlash; maybe if 7 others in a row reject her offer the same way I did, she'd think twice about contacting the 8th person.

Normally, people like to say that they are "unavailable" for whatever reason. Thats ambiguous and invities future lowball offers. And at these low rates, who cares if you get "blacklisted"?

Maybe you would've found it more polite if I responded "You want fries with that?"

Anonymous said...

dental plan lisa needs braces

Anonymous said...

By the way Jeannine is no Polite Polly herself. Once a friend of mine called her because a ghetto temp got thrown off a case and Jeannine almost ripped my friend throat and gave her so much attitude - like as in uuuuuuuhuh girlfriend. It was not even my friend's fault. I don't know why she felt so strongly about a saddlebag queen who was so obviously incompetent. They protect their own types. No need to be polite. The un-bred see it as a sign of weakness and they are mean to the nice people and great with the menacing street thugs. Treat them like they treat you.

D said...

I'm still working for $15, too. I'd gladly take $22 and then roll around in my wads of extra money.

Anonymous said...

Jeannine acts all Oprah, but the minute you cross her you know you have arrived in the hood. Just wait and see.

Shitty McShitlaw said...

"U.S. Shitlaw to $0 per hour!"

Anonymous said...

I didn't even "cross" Jeannine - and she had it in for me. I mean you can't hold a serious conversation with this woman without her taking it personally. Jeeez, chill out lady.

Anonymous said...

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Several other programs have lapsed as well, including federal flood insurance, higher Medicare payment rates for doctors and health insurance subsidies for people who have lost their jobs.

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Anonymous said...

Fuck Jeanine!

Is the shitlaw rate going to 0 or $1 per hr.? As I have said it potentially could with the TSUNAMI of 50,000 new law school grads each year entering a market with no jobs.

Almost all of these people are image obsessed newbies. They would pay for the chance to work at Quinn or Paul Weiss. Wear their suit to work and say "I am doing this for my resume and will get an Amlaw associate job afterwards."

You say no, but they will not listen. They are so desperate for prestige they will do anything to convince themselves they were not conned. It's like Stockholm Syndrome but self-induced because the newbies are middle class social climbers with huge egos. They are the me-generation and must be prestige.

Anonymous said...

well, they do give you a one hourlunch break. Downside, of course, is you have to spend it in Bloomfield, NJ. Could always stop for a smoke at Sanj's.

Anonymous said...

My contact with Jeannine Bell has been minimal and I have never seen her blow a fuse, but if she has the nerve to offer such a rate then she obviously has no respect for any contract attorney.

Overall, Ajilon is complete shit because they manipulate and lie to achieve their results.

They once staffed me on a 2 week project that they claimed would go on for 3 months and completely lied about meals and car service. Even had me foolishly ask the other reviewers about it too.

On a subsequent project, they provided the perks we used to take for granted before but it was as if the room was slapped together in 1 hour. There was no venitilation, the computers were so poorly wired that we had power outages and it was 100 degrees in the dead of winter in there.

Jeannine and Ajilon should be ashamed of themselves. Moreover they should be shut down.

I propose reporting these unsafe conditions to the authorities immediately; After all, we didn't go to law school to be silenced by some 4 foot tall crazy lady with a mustache!

Anonymous said...

6:34. You noticed!! I thought I was the only one. Talk about a wax job!! Very funny comment...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't know Jeannie or care, but sometimes the law firm is only willing to pay a certain amount at the top end. Since recruiters usually make a percentage off the attorney's salary, the recruiter in most circumstances would want to pay the attorneys higher because then their cut would also be higher based on the percentage system. Stop taking it as an insult that you are offered work. The rate sucks, but you can say no. It's not like someone is offending you by asking if you want to do it - there are plenty of people who aren't so stuck up that need to pay bills.

Anonymous said...

That's right! Just say no to these rates, this is the United States, not Nigeria or China! We need to do this more often to let these recruiter scumbags know that we are entitled to more respectable rates on the grounds of our pedigree alone!

Scotty said...
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Anonymous said...

Please tell me why 45-60 year old attorneys on document review still BRAG about their 2nd tier law school education? it's like you do this to help support your "family" and by the look of the number of gray hairs on your head you've been out of school for a LONG time and been doing document review for the same and the only thing you have to say is: I graduated from Harvard or Fordham. That's your only accomplishment in life, please find some reality: L-O-S-E-R.

Anonymous said...

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