Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Roast Them!









Anonymous said...

Are there still any of the original EP Dine people on the project or is it all new people now? I haven't gotten a clear answer yet. 3/4 of us were downsized was my understanding, and what happened to those "cream of the crop" reviewers they kept at least at that time?

Whatever the answer, this is truly heinous - I was on the original Quinn Project (Assuming this is the same project -I won't name the client, I have that much integrity, if it involves "system Z" or variations on that, it's the same project). Anyways, the weeks I spent on that this summer were the WORST of any assignment I have ever been on, and I am entering my FIFTH year of doign this off and on. The AC initially didn't work, the training was atrocious, there was a caste system that would make a Hindu untouchable demand intervention from Amnesty International, and supervision that was either so spectacularly unqualified it bordered on malpractice, or at best devious, two faced scheming (tons of closed door meetings, smiles and laughs to your face while sharpening the knife for your back). I haven't even gotten into the technical, electrical, and environmental issues that made the work space a hellhole - and I am a Paul Weiss veteran so i KNOW what I am talking about - it was a horse race, but this beat PW b/c at least PW almost had a dignity to their utter disregard for their temp employees - they didn't lie and manipulate so much to convince you that things were going to get better - you either accepted it or you got out. Quinn is a massive mind-fuck, trickig temps into thinking they've got a good gig, pretending to be laid back and caring and possess human DNA, when actually they are pure evil itself. Reading daily emails from those supervisors was like glimpsing excerpts from the necronomicon.....

BUT THIS IS JUST ABOVE AND BEYOND. I call on all of us who read this blog, working or have worked for this Communist Chinese Labor Camp masquerading as a "cool west coast law firm" to spread the word, to refuse assignments, to blacken their name. No one deserves to be treated like this! To all of you who are on this project and suffering, my heart really does go out to you but I wish you had read the many comments that WARNED you of the treachery of QE.

And as for Lexolution, I'm not even gonna dignify them. At least the Update Girls are at least attractive-ish. Scott Krowitz tries to act all your best friend and you wont notice his utter lack of soul if you aren't careful.

The one good note to end on is that more and more firms are opening lately, and at least so it seems they are something of an improvement. I can tell you the word on Tower Legal is wonderful all around, and Paulson Search, while small, has been very helpful, as has Ajilon. It can be a crap shoot, but just as tom put EP Dine and Update on his blacklist, I vote we add Lexolution for this travesty alone.

No one deserves this... nobody.

Anonymous said...

Lex-pollution.....Scott Krowitz is the absolute nadir of a filthy, soul-less, browbeating racket.

Anonymous said...

So much hyperbole.

All folks on every project want to be there. OR THEY WOULD LEAVE.

I'm on a 24 hour no max/50 min hour project through labor day, 2nd request.

There are lots of projects! Shop around or don't complain.

Tom, ALL CAPS? You are really getting lazy. Your credibility is going down, I visit the blog less and less.

Be real or I'll be gone.

Anonymous said...

11:46, you're such a temp god. I hope we all reach Temp Nirvana just like you. Until then, please guide us from on-high, so that some day we'll be in the same temp position as you.

Don't worry - your abusive tone won't bother us, given the abuse we normally take on a daily basis at our lowly temp jobs.

Maybe some people stay because they have kids to support or bills to pay. Agreed - there are lots of lazy, over-paranoid, scared people in the temp world who are willing to take the abuse of Lex-pollution's travesty of a doc review facility. But cut some of us a break - people have to make a living, keep the cash flow happening.

7:59, can you share the contact #s of Tower Legal and Paulson? I Googled them (at least Tower) but nothing comes up.

Also, does anyone have Compliance's #?

PS: H.P. Lovecraft was a Quinn partner. They removed his name from the masthead after he published 'Necronomicon', fearing the word would get out that Satan was a paralegal at Quinn. (Anton LaVay was from S.F., too - just like Quinn Emanuel! Coincidence?)

Anonymous said...

Ok, enough is enough. This blog has turned into trash. Exposing unethical behavior is one thing but making personal attacks such as "SCOTT KROW-SHITS, DICKHEAD OSMAN, AND THE OTHER TWO LESBO LEX
PARTNERS ARE NOW CANNIBALS WITH AN APPETITE FOR WELL-DONE TEMP FLESH!!" is entirely out of line and unprofessional.

How can we expect to be treated professionally when this is the type of crap we spew?

Get a life Tom, oh and a job. A real job.

Anonymous said...

The direct line for Tower Legal is (212) 430-6300 or www.towerlegalstaffing.com

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:26, maybe if we were treated like professionals in the first place, instead of packed in like KFC chickens, we'd spew something cleaner than the "crap" we're currently spewing.

Osman is a Dickhead. And Krowitz is a shit. It's objectively verifiable information: only a Dickhead and a Shit would set up a situation like the one they've set up at 16 E. 40th St. 10th Floor.

Have you ever met the two of them? Or are you one of them?

Anonymous said...

Of course I have met them, and no I am not one of them. The posts are personal attacks, unprofessional and worst-of-all unbecoming of any attorney or legal professional.

I notice you could not verify the "lesbo" comment with "objectively verifiable information".

Childish banter qualifies us to be treated like children packed into a daycare center, so change your attitude and get out of the Boo Hoo for me trap.

Anonymous said...

Um, Tom, at least post up-to-date information. The workstations have been spaced out, the room opened up, and the A/C works fine (actually a bit too well in some spots). While the fire department part is true, they fixed the situation. Building sucks, but the last space was way worse. (No A/C there and even more cramped than now.)

The review software still lags and they don't allow personal internet use, but it could be (and was) a lot worse.

Anonymous said...

1:05 - Maybe the poster saw them engaged in lesbianic activities in the disgusting ladies room? Would such an eyewitness account be "objectively verifiable" enough for you?

It was hyperbole. Obviously you're too much of a dry prune to understand that. Or you have absolutely no sense of humor. I laughed when I read the post.

And you focus on verbal/written manifestations of "unprofessionalism," such as calling them names.

What about their non-verbal displays of unprofessionalism, like worring about how many temps they could stuff into that room and not worrying so much about how they'd get out in the event of a fire? A very real possibility in that dumpy building. They had only one doorway in - out, with the other one blocked by (yet more) computers and locked shut. (This door led to the emergency stairwell.) And Dickhead Osman was incredulous when the FDNY came! His little majordomo and the secretary were trying to figure out who called! And the associate from Quinn couldn't understand why someone would call! And she went to Stanford - she's supposed to be smart!

Everyone wants to make a buck, but that's just callous and irresponsible. They deserve to be called much worse than "Dickhead," "Shit," and "Lesbos." They deserve to be fined and/or shut down!

Anonymous said...

No internet access? The last assignment I was on that had no internet access was back in 2003 w/ Lily. Do you have to sign out to go the bathroom as well? Hahahahaha!!!

As for Krowitz, if he didn't lie so much, there would not be so many people ridiculing him.

Anonymous said...

1:41, no it's not funny. And, stooping to the level of unprofessinalism that some agencies and firms treat us with is not an excuse nor justification for the nasty personal attacks launched on this "used to be helpful" site.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and 1:41, get off your passive agressive ass and quit if you don't like the conditions.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:33PM: If the temps on the project don't have internet access, how are you posting here?

Anonymous said...

go eat my balloon knot

Anonymous said...

When you treat your employees like animals, expect them to treat you like animals.

Lexolution should just be thankful that it isn't 1880 and they aren't employing the Molly Maguires. For all the money they make off the blood of temps, a little venting on an internet message board is well deserved.

Anonymous said...

2:23: The lounge...

Anonymous said...

seesh that is scary, this is Triangle Shirt-Waist kind of stuff. Are you kidding me? This is simply outrageous.
If there was a fire, and people died, there would most likely be criminal charges filed, what are these people thinking exposing themselves and clients to that kind of liability?

Anonymous said...

As for agency on-site workspace, it is a race to the bottom. Whatever agency can provide the worst, most triangle like fire space available, gets the bid.

Anonymous said...

2:18, the post IS funny. Especially the part about roasting witches.

You're humorless.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me."

We recited that as children, remember? We were correct. Names hurt no one. Overcrowded doc review rooms with locked fire doors can hurt lots of people.

If you read past Tom the Temp posts, you'll see that fire hazards in document review rooms occur a lot more than they should. This is the first case I've heard of where someone actually called the FDNY about it instead of just bitching. Bravo! All temps in all fire hazard doc review rooms should do the same. You may be at the bottom of the attorney food chain, but you shouldn't be roasted like hamburgers.

The FDNY Inspector's # is 718-999-2541. You can leave an anonymous message.

On a different subject than 2:18's broken funnybone:

Doesn't it make more sense for firms to request that reviewers not be made so physically uncomfortable on these projects? After all, the firm has a pretty big interest in getting a quality workproduct, right?

If I were a super-smart graduate of Harvard, Yale, or Columbia, that would be the first thing I'd think about. Not because I think contract attorneys who graduated from TTT schools are wonderful, but because it's MY ass on the line. I'd want those reviewers to be as happy as possible, so they do great work and make me look really good.

But, then again, those book smart Ivy Leaguers are generally devoid of commen sense intelligence. That's for the Lower Legal Castes. Who needs common sense when you can graduate last in your class and still be assured of having a $150,000 a year job waiting for you?

Anonymous said...

"Common" sense, not "commen" sense. That was a typo I overlooked. Sorry. I wouldn't have made that mistake if I went to Yale.

Anonymous said...

It's $160,000 a year.

Anonymous said...

8:15, yes you are correct, we did recite "sticks and stones" as children and that is precisely my point -- we are not longer children.

Anonymous said...

9:04 - You've been super-critical, which is your right. But you've offered no alternative to the humorous name-calling.

How would you have criticized Lexolution for their actions? And don't just say "professionally." Venture a shot at something substantive. Something specific. Educate us.

Anonymous said...

Tom, ALL CAPS? You are really getting lazy. Your credibility is going down, I visit the blog less and less.

Be real or I'll be gone.

LOL--what is this, a threat? It's a BLOG. If you don't like it, quit reading it--end of story. You don't have to file for divorce and hammer out a custody agreement for the puggle.

Anonymous said...

Simply indicating to Lex that the current space is entirely inadequate would suffice. Support your point by indicating that people are crowded, use one bathroom and worst-of-all would surely parish should there be an emergency because the space offers only one emergency exit.

If the only way you know how to offer constructive criticism is via name calling lets hope you never manage others.

Try criticizing the opposing party's argument in a courtroom with name calling like "lesbo" and the like and see how far that gets you . . . chances are you would find yourself in jail for contempt.

Anonymous said...

10:34 - You take things out of context.

This is a blog. It's for entertainment purposes as much as for serious purposes. We post anonymously so as not to ruin our careers and/or be blacklisted by the agencies.

If any of us were in court or managing others, NONE of us would use the terms "Dickhead," "Shit," or "Lesbo" in reference to our opponent or underling. Even us TTT graduates aren't that dumb.

But we're not in court or managing other. We're posting anonymously on a damn blog!

Factor in the context/setting in which a comment is made before you ride off on your moral/professional high-horse!

What's acceptable language on an anonymous blog would certainly be unacceptable in court or in the workplace!

Jeez! You're obtuse! (Is that a sufficiently erudite, professional word for you?)

Anonymous said...

do you think they pack everyone in a room like that to practice how they're going to treat people when they outsource document review to bangalore?

Anonymous said...

You asked me to suggest a way of criticizing without name calling. I did. Now your pissed. I can't help the fact that you somehow operate under the delusion that your childish banter is acceptable because "this is a blog". Is this "blog" for first graders? Because your "humor" is at the first grade level, and that's sad coming from someone with such an advanced education.

If your purpose is truly to criticize and change behavior, then your manner is entirely without credibility, and therefore, you will be ignored by those with power over us.

So, in the end, your "humor" does nothing but hurt the cause and provide the agencies and the firms an internal justification for treating us like sub-human paper pushers.

Please graduate to the level of discourse appropriate for educated individuals or vent somewhere else where your childish language will not reflect badly on the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

You're arrogant.

Where did you go? Hofstra?

Anonymous said...

shut up, 12:22! you go play in another sandbox! if we want to have peepeepoopoo mouth on this blog, we can! and my mommy says we can, too! she sent me to montessori school! i can say whatever i want and you can't stop me!!

so poopoo you! if you don't hush up i'll hit you in the face with a mudpie and make you cry wah wah wah!!!!!!!!!

Friend said...

Really, the off-color language detracts terribly from a blog that has some real potential to improve temps' situations.

Anonymous said...

1:42 - Laughter has the real potential to improve temps' professional situations, since not much else will.

People who have temped are discriminated against in the hunt for permanent employment, employment that will give them an opportunity to enter into the power and equity structure of successful firms. Instead, if offered anything, they are offered "Staff Attorney" positions that are a dead-end, never leading anywhere.

The legal "industry" is now and forever will be dominated by the graduates of the top schools, who form an "old boys/girls network" of nepotism. No one from outside of this elite gets anywhere. Since the vast majority of temps aren't from the top schools, that's another strike against them gaining a vested interest in the "system."

Gone are the days of good, old-fashioned cronyism, when a Warren Burger, who went to some obscure law school as a night student, could leverage political/Masonic ties and get himself appointed Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.

Now, six and a half of nine justices are Harvard Law graduates. Let's count them:

1) Roberts
2) Scalia
3) Brier
4) Alito
5) Souter
6) Kennedy
7) Ginsburg (Harvard for 2 years, transfered to Columbia to graduate)

One is from Yale (and what a great example of jurisprudence he is):

8) Thomas

And the elder statesman from Northwestern, who's barely breathing and who will probably soon be replaced by yet another Harvard grad:

9) Stevens

So, we have our Elite, in their Infinite Ivy League Wisdom, passing down the rules and regulations that govern us all. No room for anyone else.

Firm structure is the same.

As the post above noted: there is often a marked lack of common sense in the Ivy League graduate. Their 'strength' lies in one or more of the following areas:

1) Book smarts

2) The ability to master standardized tests (which signifies high Verbal Intelligence, which is only one type of smarts)

3) Familial nepotism ("Daddy is a Harvard alum, so child gets in")

4) A preferred minority status which allows them to get into the Ivy League school with lower qualifications (sorry - it's the truth)

5) The aforementioned Educational Institution nepotism.

Note that Common Sense/Practical Intelligence is not on the list. For that, they rely on their Staff Attorney/TT and TTT underlings to get their hands dirty while they sit in their big offices, figuring out how to spend their $160,000/year starting salaries and $25,000/year bonuses.

So, temps might as well laugh as much as possible and anonymously call the Lexolution folks "Dickhead," "Shit," and "Lesbos," because it won't make a difference:


And their document review jobs will be heading to Bangalore in a couple of years, anyhow.

So live and laugh now! And try to find a different way to make a living.

Anonymous said...

Guess what . . . there will always be temporary attorneys working in New York City, and we will NEVER operate on any credible united front as long as we run around acting like children.

Justify your cynical stance all you want, and you can even give a long winded explanation that reaches back to the beginning of time like you just did, but in the end name calling or generally acting like a first grader will only bring disrepute to an entire group of us trying to make a living and trying not to look like temper tantrum throwing babies.

If you need to laugh and post immature statements, I argue it's best to do so on a blog not regularly read by those you are busy calling names. Or better yet, rent a comedy.

Even better, launch your name calling escapades directly to the person's face and stop being so passive aggressive. At least that way you will only make yourself look like an ass.

Anonymous said...

But seriously, folks:

If your name was Richard Osman, would you persist through your 40s in referring to yourself as "Dick?"

I would think you'd have learned a long time ago to refer to yourself colloquially as "Rich" or "Rick" rather than as the slang term for male genitalia.

Especially when you're involved in the wild and crazy world of temporary legal staffing, where people are immature and act like first graders (thank you 4:27 for that concept). You just have to know they'll milk the "Dick" jokes to the hilt, especially when you


Anonymous said...

4:27 - my Crystal Ball tells me you have a bright future supervising doc reviewers in Bangalore.

You will be like a Brahmin to these people, with your little cubicle at Lexolution's Bangalore offsite location, where they pack 'em in in a way that makes their 16 E. 40th Street, 10th Floor location look like a Bubonic Plague-ravaged village.

Osman and Krowitz will even transfer their loud, bovine secretary from 16 E. 40th to help you, knowing that they hold cows to be sacred over there.

They'll still have the sign on the door "DO NOT SLAM DOOR - PEOPLE WORKING" in Sanskrit and Hindi, while MooMoo moos on her phone so loud you can hear her in Afghanistan.

Perhaps this will finally ferret out Osama.

Good Luck and Godspeed!!!

Anonymous said...

5:38 -- there is no hope for you. God help your husband/wife/mother/father/boyfriend/girlfriend because I can only imagine the names you call them.

Anonymous said...

Ummm...how about we stop fighting with ourselves.

Stop the bickering. If you disagree with a different take on the situation state it simply and without insult.

A united front is much more effective.

nyclawyergirl1982 said...

are there any hot guys on any of these document reviews? I am want to get a little wild during some of this boredom.

Anonymous said...

Lexolution will probably open a sweatshop in China so Nora will have a chance to visit and show her baby its homeland.

Anonymous said...

5:38 - What a very mean-spirited misogynist you are!

Anonymous said...

Good god you people have gotta leave NYC...realize that this permatemp "career" is not your only option. Find a small/medium firm in the burbs or Jersey, and never look bad. Just my .02.

Anonymous said...

12:26 - What a boring, P.C. Thought Police Officer you are!

Anonymous said...

5:43 - I only call them names in blogs. To their faces, I'm nice - I'm passive-aggressive, remember?

Anonymous said...

"realize that this permatemp "career" is not your only option."

It is the only option for people who are 150k in debt. Just ask my friends who went to private schools like Seton Hall and Villanova.

Anonymous said...

second rate schools for those who cannot achieve.

Anonymous said...

hey pissboy. eat my balloon knot.

Anonymous said...

is the balloon your bladder and the knot your thingie? how do you pee with it all tied up like that?

maybe nyclawyergirl1982 can untie it for you?

Anonymous said...

Tom the Temp is not a well kept secret, and the agencies and firms have the same access we do. This is a great outlet for warning fellow temps about unethical practices and safety issues, comparing agencies' policies and working conditions, or even general grousing. However, I think it's foolish and demeaning to exhibit puerile behavior or general nastiness. Does calling people names make them more disposed to improving our situation?

The fire hazard has now been remedied. There are a lot of people in the space, but I don't think it's unreasonable or uncomfortable. The A/C works and I've seen no rodents nor any conditions comparable to tales I've heard. I think Lex has tried to be accomodating and Quinn, as well, with the coffee and occasional snacks.

The only big issue to me, and I'm sure others, is the overtime, which is necessary to make the job work financially. Some people have already been approved for overtime, so I have to assume we all will be as our expertise increases and our time becomes more valuable. I don't agree with some of the policies - I would like to be able check my e-mail occasionally without waiting for a crack at a computer in the lounge. But it's a job, not utopia.

Anonymous said...


Damn, that's a great word!

11:27, you have a great vocabulary! I commend you for it.

However, your assumption about the OT is not as good as your vocabulary. Why don't you scroll down to the 'E.P. Slime' post and read some of the comments. Maybe that will give you pause before you attribute any commendable attributes to Quinn Emanuel.

Just remember this handy mental analogy:

Quinn Emanuel is a S.F.-based firm.

The Church of Satan was also S.F.-based.

I think they gave out coffee and occasional snacks, too.

The Devil is crafty!

Anonymous said...

The Devil is crafty, Tom is very helpful, but after a year I find his word is not gospel. You're naive to use one of his posts to point out the truth in another. Both may be flawed. Much of his info we read as he tries to be of service to us is passed to him by others, and not personally verified. I asked him and he confirmed this to be the case. Friends and reliable sources use hyperbole when disappointed with work just like everyone else.

PS: Speaking of misleading people, there is always you to point a finger at: Anton La Vey's Church of Satan, by the way, had nothing to do with belief in the supernatural. He was Jewish like me and just trying to use mythic icons to more easily introduce folks to a more constructive way of life. Only intellectually lazy losers lean on God. We Satanists are all atheists. You apparently have not read the Satanic Bible. It helped me get through law school.

Einstein was an atheist. No one with more than half a brain thinks some white man in the sky wants people to worship him*. That's creepy! And weird.

*Yes, except Republicans, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 10:51 - I've read the Satanic Bible. And a whole lot more - Uncle Anton is one of my favorite writers. "The Devil's Notebook" is even better than the "Satanic Bible." It's like a blog before there were blogs.

And, having read LaVay, I say once again:

The Devil is crafty!

Have you read up on how his whole "persona" was a big myth/lie?

The black house was given to him by his parents. He grew up there. It was never a pirate's house, or whatever he claimed. He was just a smart, Jewish kid with a big imagination and uncanny insight into things.

Never a carnival organist.

Never a crime scene photographer.

Never even met Marilyn Monroe, let alone slept with her.

But he claimed all those things, and people bought it hook, line & sinker because he played it off so well. HE believed it.

So, there you go. The Devil is crafty!

And who the hell brought up a man in the sky with a white beard? Just because I made a statement about a characteristic of the Devil doesn't mean I'm doing so as a Holy Roller.

Still think I'm naive, friend?

Anonymous said...

typical shifty bastard. validates the stereotype. you make me sick.

Anonymous said...

is it true? did osha visit the lexolution doc review pit on e. 40th to inspect?

Anonymous said...

must be ttt in the comments, since mine was deleted, questioning the truthfulness of his assertions.

It's your blog, do as you please.

When you delete accurate comment you lose credibility along with readers. Thanks for last year. This year is mostly trash for second rate attorneys.

Enjoy your blog, I shall not accept the pseudo-invitation to comment.


Anonymous said...

Einstein said, with respect to Quantum Mechanics, that he did not believe that G-d played dice with the universe. If the anonymous atheist/Satanist were more knowledgeable, he or she would know that according to Jewish mystics, the universe was brought into being from a spark, a concept very like the "big bang theory." Also, G-d is described as having a female, as well as a male nature.

Besides, it's a fundamental Jewish belief that G-d is incorporeal. Thus, color should not enter into the equation, notwithstanding depictions created by white artists.

I strongly suspect that Einstein would have preferred not to have had his name invoked in this manner. I'm ambivalent about posting this comment as the subject is far afield from any discussion of working conditions for Contract Attorneys. But the gratuitous swipe at believing Jews and Christians, not to mention Republicans (any Jewish Democrats out there? Protestants? Catholics?) was so arrogant and condescending that I just had to write something.

Anonymous said...

To Those Limited to Eight Hours a Day by Emannuelle: Projects are opening up so you can do better. Strategic, Hudson, Update and others are staffing projects. If Emannuelle doesn't become more flexible, there will be a mass exodus. Who needs these clowns "shadowing" you anyway, as if they know what the f*ck they are doing.

Anonymous said...

what the ffff is ian 8:38 talking about? he obviously has an inflammation of the privilege review gland. one week of doing strictly first review should get him back to normal.

once again: is it true that osha came to visit the quinn project? that's the rumor floating around the temp airwaves.

this emanuel lewis project is turning into quite a showdown / statement. definitely the showdown of the year, beating the hughes hubbard / eggman / lily project hands-down!!

plus the comments are much more entertaining!

even the ancient god v. satan debate has appeared!

keep it coming, people!

Anonymous said...

I had been, but the admin deleted them.

Anonymous said...

11:53, you had been doing what?

am i the only one confused here?

Anonymous said...

tom deletes comments he thinks are over the top. it's his blog, his right. I have a new gig, learned all I need from a year of reading. thought i'd contribute but not if I'm censored. Got an HDTV, I have better things to do anyway. See y'all.

DC out.

Anonymous said...

Wow, DC - you must've found a $42/hr + OT project in our nation's capital to afford an HDTV. Most of us can only afford one of those huge clunkers they're practically giving away at Wal-Mart.

Congratulations! Keep up the stellar reviewing and crystal-clear T.V. watching!

NY out.

Anonymous said...

Tom the temp is a useless piece of dickless ass . . . some bitch (named Ralph) fucks him all night long.

He's a limp dick piece of queer ass! Go fag go

I have proof . . . full color pics!

Anonymous said...

Oh, really. Come on Tom! I love some man juice floating down my throat . . . but only if it's from a good 8+ inch greasy cock!

Queers like Tom are the best! Fuck me Tom, Fuck me!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey polesmoker, i bet your lady pees standing up.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! Am I really working in the same room with these posters? Scary thought. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Quinn is pretty much unredeemable at this point, but as one of the original EP Dine victims culled from the herd in the great temp cullings of July 28, 2007 (rumored to have been specifically modelled on Stalin's collectivization of Ukrainian farms in his first "Five Year Plan", w/ a little Khmer Rouge thrown in) I also was the first one to post a reply (yeah just call me 9:59)

I hadn't been paying attention and now reading this blog again, I feel like I do sometimes when I am reading the Sunday times and am like 'oh is that Darfur genocide STILL going on? Oh YEAH.... that's right. I always get that confused with that document review they had in Rwanda a few years back!"

Seriously, I've been on a relatively quiet assignment, and its amazing how quickly we forget how awful it can be. But even my current one has its share of problems, and reading the kinds of hostile comments here, I see that doc review will never really be free of it's nightmarish quality.

Basically, doc review will never be better than "just a little fucked up" and always skew towards "sick, wrong, and evil" b/c the very concept of "Temp" work, in general, is an injustice to persons who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in hopes of a professional career. No matter how many apologist trolls post arguing that we who took this path were naive, incompetent, stupid, spoiled, pick your perjorative - it doesn't matter! This is like the whites of South Africa insisting that apartheid is justified b/c the whites were simply more successful in building and advanced civilization! You are never going to convince an opppressed and embittered (and GROWING) population that it indefinitely DESERVES its mistreatment. Just not gonna happen.

I don't know about other cities, especially DC which seems to have a thriving doc review culture i admittedly know nothing about. But in NYC, a breaking point is approaching. I have no idea what the outcome will be - i don't claim any "revolution" has begun or even ever will. But the situation cannot go on like this either. Law students graduate, cannot find work and cannot pay their debts from their education in the first place nless they do doc review. Thus they join a growing underclass, which increasingly includes the dysfunctional personalities prevalent all oppressed and ignored underclasses. This breeds the ever more psychotic behavior on projects that we see these days.

As I write this, I am watching a documentary on the London al qaeda bombers, and in all seriousness I see paralllels with the doc review community in NYC. An entire generation of law graduates are being alienated from the profession, ghettoized, and ruined.

I am now trying to get out. I believe that is my only option. But it is not easy, either. Temp doc review is so insidious b/c it is addictive, in a sense. the high hourly rates offered are like fixes, distracting us from setting realistic long term career goals when there's always a new legal mess (yesterday it was accounting fraud, tomorrow will be the subprime mortgage mess and what follows). We are also kept competing with each other rather than supporting each other. This blog is one of our only defenses against this troubling trend of collaborating. We MUST unite, and support each other! Too many just don't get the fact that this profession is doomed, and sooner than any of us probably know.

Doomed? Yes, doomed, b/c outsourcing is coming, my friends, and much sooner than you think. This gravy train cannot go on forever. Those that think law is somehow immune from the same forces that have swayed the rest of the world's economy are dreaming. The rapidity of technological change is another factor. The result is becoming apparent now - the majority of all graduates from law school in the first decade of the 21st century may ultimately be document reviewers. And this field may have made itself totally obsolete by 2010. What then?

Already, on blogs like this, I can see it. We are eating each other alive.

I don't quite know where I am going with this.... I dont have the answers, I am just pointing out the questions I have more and more. My only conclusion is we must start thinking much more long term, each of us, and stop betraying each other so often.

Seriously, good luck to all of us, b/c we are gonna need it, I believe, ever more and more....

Anonymous said...

Every week Quinn has issues in regard to signing timesheets. Up to this week, the complaint was that people were not deducting enough time for breaks. Now that it has been decided that everybody must take at least a half hour break every day, Quinn comes up with another excuse to complain. Lexolution has been calling temps this week to tell them that Quinn has deducted additional time beyond the half hour from last week's timesheet; the amount of time can be from fifteen minutes to hours. The reason given by Lex is well because Quinn says so and refuses to pay you for what you billed. Of course spineless Lex does not support its employees and goes along with Quinn. The temps who got docked for the most part are not your usual "disappearing temps." They are mostly diligent workers who got shortchanged because Quinn is petty and a major ass.
Quinn's associates are largely a bunch of rat bastards who could not get employment at a decent law firm. Also, we have to listen to the Quinn GED paralegal give us orders. She struts around like a major boss, and it is pathetic to see attorneys kiss her ass.
Last week a Quinn direct hire contract attorney, who looks like a witch, forced a temp attorney to quit because of her constant nitpicking and harassment.
This project is only going to get worse. Quinn is a petty, shitty law firm. Lex is a money-hungry, spineless agency. Lex people sit back in their office prospering off the sweat of the temps while unleashing their loud and obnoxious secretary on the temps. She is a friggin' secretary, but she knows that she has Lex's imprimateur to speak down to the temp attorneys. Somebody should take a crap under her desk.
Advice: Do the minimum amount of work on the project when they treat you like this and get out when a decent project comes along.
Screw Quinn!
Screw Lex!
Screw IBM!

Anonymous said...

To the genius thats better then ecretaries and GED's its spelt

Anonymous said...

12:07 pm, perhaps you jest. It's "that's," "secretaries,"
"GEDs" and "spelled."

More to the point, regarding the "Quinn Update," the so-called "GED paralegal" is NOT employed by Quinn, but by E.P. Dine; she just goes around telling the Lexolution attorneys (who have no way of knowing) that she "works for Quinn."

That's a minor point, really.

There are rumors all over the room about bottom-feeding, E.P. Dine-holdover "spies" (who themselves don't actually do any real work, unless you count spying while playing Internet solitaire as "work").

Inquiring Minds want to know: How did it come to be, after Renee ordered that ALL document reviewers be blocked from the Internet, that Dine attorneys re-acquired full Internet access while Lexolution attorneys did not? Could it be the "GED paralegal" and her cohorts?

Are you listening, Renee? You're being played. Big time.

Anonymous said...

Quinn has instituted a no talking policy on the project. On Friday, a rat bastard associate, a real putz, watched people like a hawk. He walked around constantly checking to see what temps were doing. Under the guise of asking if temps had questions, he kept up his harassment until another supervisor took over. This Quinn micromanagement will not help their case. It just alienates temps who will click away wildly and produce a crappy work product. Quinn has no idea how to treat people in a respectful and professional manner thereby creating a positive and productive work environment. It you don't treat temps as professionals, you breed resentment, and a pissed off temp will screw you everytime. Quinn mangement should tell the putz associate to back off and stop acting like a Gestapo agent. The paranoia of Quinn is just over the top. They act like temps are trying to steal from them. They seem to believe that temps need to be supervised like kids by their rat bastard associates and direct hire contract attorneys. In this environment of distrust and paranoia, nothing positive can be accomplished in representing the client.

Anonymous said...

The Queen Beatch was around today, and along with her Elaine P. Slime GED ho paralegal, spent half the day moving temps around, a temp musical chairs game. Of course, this mass movement of temps just added to the fear and paranoia as well as the low morale on the project. It also wasted half a day of productivity, (IBM take notice), and made the temps more pissed off than before. Yeah, pizza from Krowshitz will restore morale tomorrow.
The Queen Beatch, who reminds me more of a washed up porno actress every day I look into those sunken eyes, left after she did her dirty deed for the day.
Newsflash Beatch: Temps don't like to be moved around like furniture. It is disrespectful to uproot temps from their seats and other psycho temps that they are used to. I don't like to have to acquaint myself with a new batch of psychos all the time. I was happy sitting next to my psycho. It made the day go faster wondering what would be his/her next psychotic episode.
The reason for the move is unclear, probably to silence and intimidate temps even more and keep a closer watch on some. I think the main reason was that the Queen Beatch just felt like asserting her power and being her beatch self.
The silence in the place is eerie. Lighten up temps; this is a f*cking temp project. There will be other projects out there and they can't be any worse than this one.
The project is going downhill fast. Queen Beatch you will be Zorro for treating attorneys like children.

Anonymous said...

We got a visit today from the cualo grande head litigation paraloser, who in a scolding and arrogant manner, told us to change a setting on the program in order to download the documents faster. There is no improvement; the program still sucks. No wonder regular paralosers, even temp ones, believe they can disrespect contract attorneys when their head honcho acts like she is the second coming around temps.
The nabobs from Lex breezed into the caseroom today like they give a rat's ass. They pretended to be interested in temps' concerns, but clearly couldn't wait to go back to their plush offices.
The "putz" associate tried to do damage control with a speech telling temps how wonderful a job they are doing even though he continues to watch them like they are felons. Some retard temp applauded his spiel. I think that the horses have left the gate in regard to restoring morale on the project. Quinn continues to deduct time off temps' timesheets. I would like the client to examine the billing practices of Quinn's partners, associates and paralosers.
Temps slow down. Do the minimum. I average maybe a hundred documents a day. What does it take to get fired off this trainwreck? Get me out of here!

Anonymous said...

"Some retard temp applauded his spiel."


Anonymous said...

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