Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pit Bull

Tom the Temp will be away this week, but have no fear. In his absence, Tom's friend "Mochni" ("talking bird" - Hopi tribe) will be providing some vignettes on some of the other notorious monsters that you need to watch out for in the NYC temporary attorney sweatshops.


Supersized Pit Bull--curly hair, with squared framed glasses. Nasty looking.

Pit Bull worked for many years as a contract attorney. Now middled aged, single, and nursing an empty nest she finds herself in a permanent spot. Such events mold her into a diabolic coworker. She takes it upon herself to become the vigilante against all contract personnel in her office. She self-appoints her own ego as protector of the boss. He is a nice guy with a compassionate heart and a sense of decency---he cuts contract attorneys breaks and is hands off. She does not like that and claims contract personnel take advantage of him. To that extent this pit bull throws her weight around all to her benefit and against contract personnel. Her mood swings are out of control. She acts, walks and talks like she has never temped in her life. Often, she describes contract personnel as "paranoid" and that is why she asserts herself being in people's faces.

Egotistical and insecure, she hides underneath a loud voice, and a what a big mouth by her own accounts. She is a narcisist and needs to be in your face. She spends most of her days, smoking with some brown nose contracts, drinking coffee and acting as a big shot, just acting because everyone who comes in and pays attention realizes she is not. She needs to be noticed thus any opportunity she has to 'be the authority' as she puts it, she goes for it. Her ego is so inflated that she acts like she is above all temps. She is the classical case study of an inflated ego on a derailed power trip.

Her laughter is a booming echo of an wounded/abandoned child--a sick egomaniac.
Her favorite phrase is: you have an issue with authority figures. Just shut up and do your work. If you come across her take notice that underneath her loud laughter lies an insecure, bitter bully. She hates herself and acts out against others. You will know her when you see her---she is nasty and your perception is correct. She builds herself up and tears others down.

Stay away as her insecurity drives her to be spill her venom and the true Cobra will come out. Shame that she has a decent boss fooled.


John Bungsolaphagus said...

There are many like her. Even ones who are STILL TEMPS. They are insecure and just can't accept the fact that they will NEVER be one of the "important people doing important things" (as certain subway school TV ads mention) that they thought they would be when they first enrolled in law school....They can't admit to themselves that they, with JD and Bar Admission secured, have not become important, but rather, quite the opposite has occured....They now occupy a bizzaroworld, twilight zone space and maintain a position that is beneath pond scum.

They really still harbour delusions of law land grandeur. That if they click the box quickly enough, trick (rat out) on their co-temp workers to the boss and shine up to the boss...then they will be "made" (like in the mafia) and be allowed to enjoy the fruits of the scam of the ponzi scheme known as the so-called profession of the "law".

Anonymous said...

Fruits of the ponzi scheme? You are the major victims of the ponzi scheme.

Anonymous said...

No, these kids are fruits. They signed contracts for loans and must pay. No one likes a whining minority whiner. That's almost as bad as some white person whining.

Either way they made a contract. Deal with it or get lost.

Anonymous said...

eat my balloon knot, hack

pitbull friend said...

Please don't be so mean to pitbulls. Unless they are trained otherwise, they are generally very nice dogs. Sounds like this gal ought to be compared to some horrid human to be more appropriate. My sympathies.

idgie said...

yes, as a pit bull lover, i take offense at this comparison. but point taken nonetheless.