Saturday, April 28, 2007

Big Owl Is Back

Apparently, not only does the Kirkland owl stare down at you from glass-encased cubicles, but now it appears as if the Kirkland owl has been accused of spying on the private telephone calls of certain employees:


Ian said...

Your posting is regarding a lawsuit against permanent minority employees. If it's good enough for HP to monitor employees then expect it at the lowest level of the food chain. Especially, if like me, one is a minority.

Seems a bit off-topic for the delightful blog. The article has nothing to do with temps. This is a British publication re a Chicago firm defending itself in an EEOC lawsuit.

EEOC lawsuits are a pain and often difficult, just as getting dropped mysteriously from a project. Perhaps we might be more interested if you shared date on NYC KA sweatshops.


Anonymous said...

Relevant. If they spy on their permanent people, imagine what they get away with when it comes to their temps! It may be a different city and a different employee classification, but make no doubt about it - it is the same owl!

Kyle said...

"Anonymous" whines about employee monitoring.

I monitor employee use of the telephone and computers (keyboard logging software). It is really a shame the way my co-workers use company resources for non-work-related emailing and personal calls. I haven't worked at Kirkland so I don't know what kind of monitoring "helpme123" complains of, but on my current project at A&P, use your cell and surf the web outside. We monitor everything.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Above proves the point: When you enter a project, you leave your basic rights to privacy at the door and enter a stalinistic work camp.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Never work at Kirkland. Not only do they monitor the wrong people, they will conflict you out of potential staff attorney positions at Williams & Connelly.