Tuesday, September 26, 2006


It's official. Anita is off the Anita project, and has been replaced by "yoda." From the sound of the recent postings, it appears as if "yoda" is going to govern with even more of an iron-fist:

"Did you know that after Anita left they replaced her with a tyrant? I got called at home and was barked at for showing up 15 minutes late to work. We were all pushed to the center of the room and the oversight is now suffocating."

"The associate now running The Anita Project could take a few pointers from Anita. Despite what was said about her on the blog, at least she was fair."

"Did you know Tom that we aren't allowed to send text messages anymore on the Anita project?"

After the buckets of money they made off their temps with their 100 percent markups, you would think they would be a little more accommodating to those who stuck with them throughout the duration of their project.


"I work with several dozen contract attorneys in a comparable market. At the outset I adopted an overall approach based on trust in the group's professionalism. Thus we decided not to block internet usage, monitor comings and goings, etc., and generally eschewed big brotherish oversight. We try to be as transparent as possible, particularly regarding the length of the project so that the temps may line up other work. We haven't been particularly lavish with things like meals and transportation (other firms certainly offer more than we do in these areas). We do look at production for a number of reasons, including evaluating work effort and understanding of the project.

We have let go a handful of people who couldn't do the work, but only after retraining and an opportunity to demonstrate competence.

Do you know what we discovered?Individually and as a group their performance exceeded expectations by every conceivable measure. Moreover, many will be offered full time postions because of their attitude and ability. I am convinced that the project was successful in part because of, rather than in spite of, a positive work environment."


Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself, Anita was never fair. She is now a partner. Blood money on the backs of the temps she used, manipulated, accused, fired. Uglier than the Wicked Witch. Karma is a bitch, Anita. She had her moles. Losers that she used but never promoted. The only wat these moles stayed on the project was by being moles.

Anonymous said...

For the sake of fairness, Yoda is very well liked at his firm. Any mandates probably came from Anita. She was clearly trying to improve her image. But as always, it was at the expense of others.

Anonymous said...

So much has been written about Anita that there must be some reason that everyone disliked her.

Anonymous said...

She may have been trying to change her image because she was up for partner.