Thursday, August 31, 2006

From the "Anita Project" Trenches: "Ernie" and "Colonel Supertemp"

"Update does not run a tight ship; it is more like the Titanic. On Anita's project, Update's onsite monitor, Ernie, sits in his office all day doing crosswords trying to avoid any interaction with the temp attorneys. God forbid you ask him to adjust the air conditioning; he will bark at you like a dog. He sets it at one temperature regardless of whether it is 60 or 95 degrees outside. With over 100 people using a cramped toilet, Update used to provide toilet seat covers, but they stopped doing that. Ernie got offended because somebody damaged the cover holder, so no more seat covers for the temps. Ernie is the laziest good for nothing person on the project and that is saying a lot given the number of slackers here. He does not want to be bothered period. When he has to address the group, he does so with such derision and contempt. He and the rest of Update should realize and appreciate that without temp attorneys billing all these hours, there would be no Update.

How about the female Stepford Update staffers stopping giving preferential treatment and the cushiest well paying assignments to certain male temps who flatter them? How about they stop making wankers like "Supertemp" project leaders? How about Update contributing a few bucks to a health plan and a 401 (k) plan? A little quid pro quo might rehabilitate your image."

--"Anita Project" Worker


Sandra White said...
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Anonymous said...

Whats his face was the bigger loser around. He had a crush on one of the supertemps and was at her constant beck and call. We resent being pimped out. He begged to be pimped out by anything that walked. No sex named.

Anonymous said...

Did you mean biggest loser? Bigger, no. Biggest, yes. His replacement is no better. Update is losing contract after contract. Why? Bad decisions. Very bad decisions. Even Anita is looking elsewhere for contractors.