Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Friday Night Massacre

Friday Nights are usually the time of the week when the greatest number of mass-layoffs occur. This slash-and-burn technique gives the firms the ability to squeeze the greatest amount of labor out of burnt-out temps without having to pay for weekend overtime. It fattens the wallets of people like Alfred Youngwood. {Paul Weiss layoffs are especially cruel and deceptive. I have heard a bunch of accounts where people have been told to take their belongings with them during their lunch breaks due to "custodial maintenance." Minutes later, while at lunch, people receive the calls from their agencies informing them not to return to work.}

Many people believe that Anita's project is headed towards a "Friday Night Massacre." Although this project has been going through people like water through a sieve since its inception, the intensity and arbitrariness of the firings seems to have increased ten-fold. (note the recent firings of "McCauley Culkin" and the "Vivacious Italian Vixen"). Despite a workspace filled nearly to capacity, Anita has been busy all week interviewing new recruits. Meanwhile, her sidekick has been busy trolling up and down the aisles looking for fresh firing victims. He keeps a watchlist, is eager to find space for Anita's new recruits, and is voraciously thirsty for temp blood. Stay under the radar, or you might very well become a victim of the next Friday Night Massacre!

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Anonymous said...

Stay clear of Paul and conflicts. Think long term, folks.