Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Great Escape

Friday, 1/20/06:

It's 4p.m. I have been sitting at my workstation for the last nine hours. I am numb. I have been staring into a white, flourescent computer screen for the last three days from 9 o'clock in the morning until 9 o'clock at night. A sudden, intense pain shoots up my right arm indicative of early carpal tunnel. I can't bear to read another e-mail, review another spreadsheet, or code another document. There is no escape. There is no internet. There is no telephone. There is just me and the clickity-click of the coders around me.

In a sudden spat of desperation, I rise like a phoenix. I make it my mission to reach the Starbucks across the street. I quickly grab my coat and head for the door. A hundred stunned and silent eyes jealously stare me down as I skillfully weave my way past row upon row of coding terminals. One wrong move can lead to sudden unemployment. But, luckily, this time I am safe. The project manager, sealed off in her glass-encased cubicle, appears to be pre-occupied with the latest issue of the Joyce Leslie catalogue.

I have made it out. I am safe. I am a bona-fide refugee of temp land. As I quickly gulp down my steaming, hot cup of java, I am hit by a disturbing realization. How am I going to get back into templand?


J said...
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Anonymous said...

tom--you're 'about me' section indicates that you were "downsized from biglaw". when exactly did that occur. And was it truly a biglaw firm from which you were downsized? I havent heard much about layoffs in the last few years from biglaw firms except for cause, particularly of first and/or second years. of course, thats no indication that it didnt happen--i think i heard some rumblings a couple of years ago about one or two firms laying off first years, or at least giving them dollars to not start, but thats was a while ago. please elaborate. thanks,

Anonymous said...

Templand comes through about 3 or 4 big agencies in offices along midtown avenues.

I just started my fourth assignment. It is a nice short term assignment at a major firm. I'm not sure which project you're on (I have a clue), but projects administered in house are notoriously worse. Supposedly, there is one project downtown that people are jumping ship like crazy. Here, I have internet and can use my cell phone. It isn't always the case.

I've been doing review for about two years. This week, I have an interview for a substantive job again. I'm ready. I'm ready. The competition for it will be stiff, but we'll see.

Who gets nailed by the biggie is often arbitrary. It's about demonstrating power.

- Jack Twist

Anonymous said...

You can't come and go as you please from Templand! You just can't do it. It doesn't work that way.

Who's the nosey one up there? Sniff sniff. Someone sounds a bit snide.

Anonymous said...

I can elaborate for Tom the Temp. He sucked so he was told to pack up his shit and get out. How hard is it to be fired after your 2nd year? You must really have blown.